San Jacinto River Authority Installs 15,610 LF of 16-inch Fusible C-905® Pipe as Part of New 57-Mile Water Line Project

Driven by availability concerns of future groundwater supply, the San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) is currently in the process of constructing a 57-mile water pipeline from Lake Conroe, Texas to The Woodlands Township area north of Houston. The new pipeline will effectively meet the requirements of the Lone Star Conservation District mandate, which calls for 200-plus individual water districts to supply at least 30 percent treated surface water to their customers by January 1, 2016.

Among the many phases of the project recently completed, Segment W1A included approximately three miles of 16-inch Fusible C-905® pipe installed by horizontal directional drilling (HDD). Design engineer Lockwood, Andrew and Newnam evaluated several materials for trenchless construction, but ultimately specified Fusible PVC® pipe and upsized HDPE pipe in the design package. In late 2013, the SJRA awarded the Segment W1A contract to Huff & Mitchell, Inc., which performed both the open-cut and HDD installation. Huff & Mitchell opted for Fusible PVC® pipe for all the trenchless sections based on a smaller borehole, ease of connection, and reduced drill mud volumes.

Jeff Hefflin of Huff & Mitchell commented: “By using horizontal directional drilling and Fusible PVC® pipe we were able to meet a tight timeline with minimum disruption to local businesses, landscaping, and the surrounding environment. We look forward to using Fusible PVC® pipe on future projects.”

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Segment W1A
Location: The Woodlands, TX
Length, Pipe Size: 15,610 LF; 16-inch DR18
Installation: HDD
Owner: San Jacinto River Authority
Engineer: Lockwood, Andrews and Newnam
Contractor: Huff & Mitchell, Inc.

Fused Pipe String Layout

Pipe Fusion

Drill Rig Set-Up