Fusible PVC™

Pipe Dimensional Data

Fusible PVC® pipe is manufactured in DIPS and IPS sizes. The table below lists the pressure rating, safe pulling force, critical buckling pressure, and the minimum allowable bending radius for each pipe size and DR.

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Nom. Size (in)DR / Pipe StiffnessO. D. SeriesMaterialO.D. (in)2Min. Wall (in)2Avg. I.D. (in)Wt (lbs/ft)5Safe Pulling Force (lbs)4Max. working Pressure (psig)6Critical Buckling Pressure (psig)7Min. Allowable Bend Radius (ft)8
4DR 14DIPSFusible C-900®4.800.344.073.1113,400305426100
4DR 18DIPSFusible C-900®4.800.274.232.4610,600235191100
6SDR 17IPSFPVC®6.630.395.804.9521,300250229138
6SDR 21IPSFPVC®6.630.325.964.0617,500200117138
6SDR 26IPSFPVC®6.630.266.083.3114,20016060138
6Sch 40IPSFPVC®6.630.286.033.6215,60018080138
6Sch 80IPSFPVC®6.630.435.715.4423,500280317138
6DR 14DIPSFusible C-900®6.900.495.856.4227,700305426144
6DR 18DIPSFusible C-900®6.900.386.095.0821,900235190144
6DR 25DIPSFusible C-900®6.900.286.313.7316,00016568144
8SDR 17IPSFPVC®8.630.517.558.3936,200250229180
8SDR 21IPSFPVC®8.630.417.766.8629,600200116180
8SDR 26IPSFPVC®8.630.337.925.6124,20016060180
8Sch 40IPSFPVC®8.630.327.945.4523,50016055180
8Sch 80IPSFPVC®8.630.507.578.2735,700250218180
8DR 14DIPSFusible C-900®9.050.657.6811.0447,700305425189
8DR 18DIPSFusible C-900®9.050.507.988.7537,800235191189
8DR 25DIPSFusible C-900®9.050.368.286.4127,60016568189
10SDR 21IPSFPVC®10.750.519.6710.6546,000200116224
10SDR 26IPSFPVC®10.750.419.878.7137,50016060224
10Sch 80IPSFPVC®10.750.599.4912.2652,900230186224
10DR 14DIPSFusible C-900®11.100.799.4216.6271,800305426231
10DR 18DIPSFusible C-900®11.100.629.7913.1756,800235191231
10DR 25DIPSFusible C-900®11.100.4410.169.6441,60016568231
12SDR 17IPSFPVC®12.750.7511.1618.6479,100250228266
12SDR 21IPSFPVC®12.750.6111.4714.9964,700200116266
12SDR 26IPSFPVC®12.750.4911.7112.2552,80016060266
12Sch 80IPSFPVC®12.750.6911.2916.8772,800230173266
12DR 14DIPSFusible C-900®13.200.9411.2023.50101,600305426275
12DR 18DIPSFusible C-900®13.200.7311.6518.6080,300235190275
12DR 25DIPSFusible C-900®13.200.5312.0813.6358,80016568275
14DR 14DIPSFusible C-905®15.301.0912.9831.57136,500305426319
14DR 18DIPSFusible C-905®15.300.8513.5025.00108,000235190319
14DR 21DIPSFusible C-905®15.300.7313.7521.6493,400200117319
14DR 25DIPSFusible C-905®15.300.6114.0018.3179,00016568319
16DR 14DIPSFusible C-905®17.401.2414.7641.47176,600305426363
16DR 18DIPSFusible C-905®17.400.9715.3532.35139,700235191363
16DR 21DIPSFusible C-905®17.400.8315.6427.99120,800200117363
16DR 25DIPSFusible C-905®17.400.7015.9223.70102,20016568363
18DR 18DIPSFusible C-905®19.501.0817.2040.60175,400235190406
18DR 21DIPSFusible C-905®19.500.9317.5335.13151,700200117406
18DR 25DIPSFusible C-905®19.500.7817.8529.76128,40016568406
20DR 18DIPSFusible C-905®21.601.2019.0649.83215,300235190450
20DR 21DIPSFusible C-905®21.601.0319.4243.10186,100200117450
20DR 25DIPSFusible C-905®21.600.8619.7736.51157,50016568450
24DR 18DIPSFusible C-905®25.801.4322.7671.08307,100235190538
24DR 21DIPSFusible C-905®25.801.2323.1961.49265,600200117538
24DR 25DIPSFusible C-905®25.801.0323.6152.09224,80016568538
24DR 32.5DIPSFusible C-905®25.800.7924.1240.48174,60012530538
30DR 21DIPSFusible C-905®32.001.5228.7794.60408,500200117667
30DR 25DIPSFusible C-905®32.001.2829.2980.14345,80016568667
30DR 32.5DIPSFusible C-905®32.000.9929.9162.28268,70012530667
30DR 41DIPSFusible C-905®32.000.7830.3550.12214,20010015667
36DR 21DIPSFusible C-905®38.301.8234.43135.51585,100200117798
36DR 25DIPSFusible C-905®38.301.5335.05114.79495,40016568798
36DR 32.5DIPSFusible C-905®38.301.1835.8089.15384,60012530798
36DR 41DIPSFusible C-905®38.300.9336.3271.85306,90010015798


  1. PVC dimensions (minimum wall thickness and outside diameter) are per the following standards:
    Pipe SizeDR / Pipe StiffnessOD SeriesStandard
    4"-24"Schedule Pipe (Sch)IPSASTM D-1785
    4"-12"DRDIPSAWWA C900
    4"-12"SDRIPSASTM D-2241
    14"-36"(S)DRIPSAWWA C905 or ASTM D-2241
    14"-36"DRDIPSAWWA C905
    ≤ 15"SDRSewerASTM D-3034
    ≥ 18"PSSewerASTM F-679
  2. PVC safe pull stress of 7,000 PSI is based on the minimum cell classification value of 7,000 PSI for short term tensile strength [ASTM D1784] and a safety factor of 2.5.
  3. PVC safe pull forces are based on minimum wall thickness and the safe pull stresses as given per Note 2.
  4. PVC weights are based on an average of the extruder's recorded weights, or estimated using average wall thickness and density of PVC at 73° F.
  5. Maximum Working Pressures are per the standard that the pipe is produced to, at 73° F [see note 1 above].
  6. Critical Buckling Pressures are calculated using the Modulus of Elasticity (400,000 PSI for PVC), and published Poisson's Ratio for the given material [Unibell Handbook of PVC, 4th Edition]. No safety factor is included in the calculation for Critical Buckling Pressures for PVC.
  7. Bend Radius calculations are based on the assumption that a fitting or flange is present/to be installed in the bend. The Bend Radius for PVC is calculated using 250 times the outside diameter of the pipe, which is based on a axial tensile stress due to bending of 800 PSI and which includes a safety factor of 2.5 compared to long term stress capacity [Unibell Handbook of PVC, 4th Edition].