NSF Standard 61 Certification

In February of 2004, Underground Solutions, Inc. received NSF-61 certification for its Fusible C-900®, Fusible C-905®, and FPVC®. The size range covered is also 4" through 36".

The National Sanitary Foundation lists the contact material and code as PVC. This means that PVC is the material in our products that comes in contact with drinking water, and that NSF recognizes it as safe.

The water contact temperature listed in the certification is CLD 23, which is 23 degrees Celsius, or 73 degrees Fahrenheit, or ambient temperature-the standard temperature used in PVC material properties determination.

NSF certification follows a 7-step process:

  1. Application
  2. Submission of formulation information
  3. Formulation review by NSF toxicology staff
  4. Audit of final production facility and product sampling
  5. Lab testing of the product per the standard
  6. Toxicology evaluation of the lab results
  7. Listing

Fusible C-900®, Fusible C-905® and FPVC® have been audited, tested, and evaluated per this process, and test reports are on file with the NSF.

The NSF is a trusted independent non-government organization dedicated to achieving solutions to public health and environmental issues. Its standards and certification process involve those who are directly and materially affected by the standard, and NSF has balanced input from industry representatives, user/consumers, and public health/regulatory officials. NSF provides testing, certification, and audit services on more than 130,000 products in over 82 countries. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the NSF is accredited by the American National Standards Institute(ANSI) to develop American National Standards. NSF has developed over 50 voluntary standards as a result.

NSF routinely surveys the status of adoption of NSF 61 by state. A December 2001 report indicates that all 50 states intend to use NSF 61 and nearly all have implemented legislation adopting NSF 61. The Association of State Drinking Water Administrators(ASDWA) in Washington, DC performed the survey.