Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Drill Rod Deflection

Rod Length
DIPS Pipe Size (in)468101214161820243036
Min. Bend Radius (ft)100144189231275319363406450538667798
30Max. Degree Δ17.
Max. % Slope Δ/Rod30.921.
20Max. Degree Δ11.
Max. % Slope Δ/Rod20.314.
15Max. Degree Δ8.
Max. % Slope Δ/Rod15.
10Max. Degree Δ5.
Max. % Slope Δ/Rod10.
6Max. Degree Δ3.
Max. % Slope Δ/Rod6.

  1. Underground Solutions, Inc. makes no recommendation on the appropriate rod size for use with a given installation or alignment.
  2. Values represent the minimum allowable bend radius in terms of deflection or angle change per rod length.
  3. All rod angle or deflection changes must be taken out gradually over the length of the entire rod in order to create a smooth curve.
  4. The rod deflection data included above is provided for information only.