Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Q&A

What is the tensile strength of the fusion joint?

Third party testing demonstrates tensile strength across the joint bead to be 95% to 105% of the tensile strength of the pipe. This tensile strength determines the safe pull stress or force during installation.

What are the unique factors that allow Fusible PVC® to be fused?

The extrusion formulation meets standards for PPI TR-2, but has certain narrowed ranges of key ingredients. Fusible PVC® has a proprietary formulation that is extruded for Underground Solutions by our partners. The formulation meets ASTM 12454B and NSF-61 for use with drinking water. Additionally, the Underground Solutions patented fusion process ensures a high integrity "seamless" fused joint.

What is the difference between PE (polyethylene) fusion and Fusible PVC® fusion?

Fusible PVC® pipe fusion varies from PE in the temperature, pressure, and duration of each step of the process. Overall fusion time requirements are comparable to those of HDPE.

Is special training needed for fusion?

Yes. Fusion technician training/qualification can be achieved by contacting Underground Solutions. Fusion of Fusible C-900®, Fusible C-905® and FPVC® can only reliably be completed by qualified fusion technicians. See separate Contractor FAQ for more information.

What equipment is needed to fuse Fusible PVC® pipe?

Standard butt-fusion equipment with technical modifications made for PVC fusion can be utilized to reliably fuse Underground Solutions pipe systems. However, fusion equipment must be properly maintained and in good working order per manufacturer recommendations - an inspection may be required.

Does the fusion joint qualify as a restrained joint?


Is the exterior fusion bead left on or removed?

Underground Solutions recommends that the external bead be removed when a possible catch point may exist in a reamed HDD drill hole or in a host pipe at a joint during sliplining, otherwise the bead may be left intact. Bead removal usually adds no cost or time to the joint as it is typically accomplished during the cool down period.

Is the internal fusion bead left on or removed?

Studies indicate negligible loss of performance in flow under pressure due to the internal bead. The internal bead is recommended to be left intact for pressure applications. (Example: When comparing a continuous length 8-inch DR18 with no internal bead to one with an internal bead, the difference in flow of 1000gpm is 0.173gpm and a head loss of .013 ft.)

Can any C-900/C-905 PVC pipe be fused?

No. High strength joints are only achieved with the specific Underground Solutions PVC extrusion formulation, found only in Fusible PVC® and when combined with the Underground Solutions fusion process.

Can it be tapped?

Yes, Fusible PVC® pipe uses standard AWWA PVC tapping saddles. Tapping without a saddle or sleeve is not recommended. Approved Uni-Bell standard PVC procedures are recommended.

What are the applications for Fusible PVC® pipe?

Many sliplining, direct bury, pipe bursting, and horizontal directional drilling applications have already been completed. Micro-tunneling and pipe jacking are also feasible. Please call your company representative for case studies and examples.

What is standard lead time?

4 to 6 weeks from date of purchase order unless already in stock (1-2 weeks).

How long will Fusible PVC® pipe last once installed?

The PVC industry rates PVC pipe at a design life is 100 years or greater.

Can I order Fusible PVC® pipe in different colorsfor different applications?

Yes. Blue for potable water, green for sewer, purple for reclaimed water, white for storm sewer & irrigation, and gray for electrical conduit are all available.

What types of fittings are typically used in conjunction with butt-fused PVC pipe systems?

Fusible PVC®pipe systems utilize readily Available standard PVC or DIPS fittings that most owners already have in stock and crews are trained in installing. Expensive thermal tapping or repairs are therefore unnecessary. For recommendations on specific fittings or connection hardware - please feel free to call UGSI.

Contractor Q&A

What is the license that I am required to obtain?

A non-exclusive, non transferable license is granted by Underground Solutions to allow a contractor to utilize the Company's proprietary and patented technology to fuse Fusible PVC® pipe. Without a license, a contractor may not utilize the company's intellectual property and trade secrets to fuse the company's products.

How long is the license?

A standard license term runs one year for the cost of $100. The license automatically renews every 12 months unless either party decides to terminate ahead of the renewal date.

Do I need a license if I intend to utilize the company's fusion technicians and equipment?

A contractor electing to use the company's fusion services will be granted a "site license" using a short form license contract.

How can I lose my license?

A license may be terminated if a licensee does not uphold terms of the agreement such as confidentiality, non-transferability of the license, fusing without proper training or failure to maintain fusion quality standards.

How do I deal with warranty claims after my license expires or is terminated?

Your license will continue to allow you to honor warranty claims for work installed while you were licensed, even after termination. Additionally, your license continues with respect to bids and commitments that are outstanding on the termination date of the license - providing that termination was not the result of a material breach of the agreement.

Will I have exclusivity in a territory?

No - the license agreements are non-exclusive, but the company treats all commercial information as strictly confidential.

What equipment will I need to fuse Fusible PVC® pipe?

Standard butt-fusion equipment in good condition can be utilized with some modification to fuse Fusible PVC® pipe. The equipment is required to meet certain standards (capable of holding tighter tolerances than PE) before it can be used to fuse the company's products. A conversion kit (available through Underground Solutions) may be required to meet these standards.

How do I obtain the Fusible PVC® pipe to fuse?

Please contact your representative from Underground Solutions and the most economical procurement method can be discussed.

Will Underground Solutions audit my performance and quality?

The Company and the contractor have a mutual interest in high quality performance - data-logging the joints and value added inspections help ensure a high level of performance in the field. Quality reviews will also allow the Company to fine-tune training methods and improve training materials.