Roland, AR Adopts ServiceGuard® Composite Pipe for Water Services

Roland, Arkansas is a suburb of Little Rock that maintains its own water supply and distribution system, with approximately 1,000 services. Due to historical copper line corrosion in the area and material costs, Maumelle Water Corporation (MWC) had standardized on HDPE for its water service lines. Over the years, MWC had repeated problems with HDPE service lines cracking and leaking, resulting in significant maintenance issues for the two employees tasked with maintaining the entire system. The conventional wisdom of Roland and other local communities had been that poor installation of the HDPE service lines was the root of the problem. But when Greg Harrod took over the maintenance of the system two years ago, keeping detailed records of installation dates and repair history, he determined that there was more to the story. Specifically, HDPE service lines properly installed (directly by MWC) were showing up with pinhole leaks and cracks; only months after installation in some extreme cases. Greg did research and discovered that HDPE pipe is susceptible to oxidation by the chlorine residual in the water. He came across many technical papers on the subject, as well as numerous reports of other water districts reporting the same issues he was experiencing.

Greg considered switching to copper, but historical copper corrosion problems in his area and the high, unpredictable cost of copper suggested he would just be trading one headache for another. He began looking for an alternate solution and, when presented with ServiceGuard®, a CPVC/Aluminum/CPVC composite pipe, he knew it was a perfect fit. ServiceGuard® composite pipe is impervious to both the external corrosion and internal chlorine driven oxidation, is available in CTS (copper tube size), maintains a bend radius (very similar to copper), and uses standard service line brass compression couplings.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Service Line Replacement Project
Location: Roland, AR
Length: 40 New Service Installations (~2,000')
Pipe Size: 3/4" and 1" Copper Tube Size (CTS)
Pressure Test: 100 psi
Owner: Maumelle Water Corporation

Greg Harrod explained the switch to ServiceGuard®: "I really like the product. After 40 successful installations, we have standardized on it as our service line material. When we get a leak on an HDPE service line, rather than repairing it we just replace it. We run a cable down the line and pull the new line in and the old line out the other side. I just replaced one leaking 100-foot run of HDPE with ServiceGuard® pipe. There were 13 repair patches on the HDPE line. At a minimum of two hours and $40 for each repair coupling, you can see why I am replacing rather than repairing."