Town of Beech Mountain, North Carolina Public Works & Utilities Selects ServiceGuard® Composite Pipe for High Pressure Water Service Connections

ServiceGuard&tradeThe ski town of Beech Mountain, nestled in the North Carolina Mountains, is a popular retreat for over ten thousand visitors every winter. Beech Mountain is located in western North Carolina with only 350 permanent residents. When winter arrives the town bulges at the seams with visiting skiers.

Demands on the potable water distribution system in Beech Mountain fluctuate significantly with the steep elevation changes, creating locations in the system that operate at high pressure. Beech Mountain Public Works & Utilities (PWU) Director Robert Heaton has over 25 years of experience with the water system and understands the serious failure issues that older existing galvanized service lines can experience due to corrosion and high operating pressures. Heaton, in search of an alternative service line material that could withstand these operating conditions, discovered ServiceGuard® Composite Pipe.

Beach Mountain PWU went through a technical and operational pilot process with the product prior to putting it to use in their system. Heaton commented, "ServiceGuard® Composite Pipe is exactly what we were looking for. Our staff is happy with the product's ease of installation. It is easy to work with and is able to withstand the higher pressures of our water distribution system."

ServiceGuard® Composite Pipe provides Beech Mountain PWU with a water service line pipe material that is compatible with the service conditions and elevation changes that are causing its older galvanized service lines to fail. The interior and exterior CPVC plastic layers are ideal in combatting the corrosive service environment. The aluminum core between the two CPVC layers provides strength and the stiffness to hold a bend radius.

With a long term pressure rating of 400 psi, it is capable of handling the higher system pressure demands. In addition, ServiceGuard® Composite Pipe installs and couples using the same brass fittings that Beech Mountain PWU already uses.

Beech Mountain PWU is regularly replacing its failing galvanized water service lines using ServiceGuard® Composite Pipe and now uses the product for new construction service lines as well.

Installation of new meter and
ServiceGuard® Composite Pipe

End of ServiceGuard® Composite Pipe with insert bushing, ready for
standard connection with AWWA C800 brass compression fitting

Uncoiling and cutting ServiceGuard®
Composite Pipe for open trench installation