Sliplining with Fusible PVC® Pipe a Robust Solution to Rehabilitate Aging Water and Wastewater Lines

With many older water and wastewater pipelines now surrounded by adjacent utilities or located beneath ever busier roadways, sliplining offers a low-dig replacement solution that reduces construction risk and minimizes disruption to the public. Difficulties with accessing congested utility corridors via open-cut, combined with escalating restoration expenses, make sliplining a cost effective and environmentally attractive design alternative to direct bury replacement.

Prior to 2004, pipeline rehabilitation was primarily accomplished using liners such as cured- in-place-pipe (CIPP), epoxy coatings, cement mortar lining, or swaged/folded HDPE. While popular in gravity sewer and other non-pressurized pipe rehabilitation, lining solutions are often performance limited in higher pressure water transmission/distribution lines and some force mains. Liners typically rely to some degree on the host pipe and are generally not stand-alone, fully structural systems. Liners also normally require custom fittings and connections which can add cost, complexity and long term operating risk. While HDPE liners may provide a stand-alone structural solution, pipe wall thickness increases rapidly with escalating pressure requirements, sacrificing ID and constricting flow.

PVC pipe's high strength-to-weight ratio, long-life, corrosion resistance, and flexibility have made it a popular sliplining alternative. Fusible PVC® pipe systems provide a structural solution free of reliance on the deteriorating host pipe while preserving high flow capacity. PVC pipe has excellent resistance to the oxidizing effects of chlorine based disinfectants, and PVC pipes have superior resistance to hydrocarbon saturated groundwater. These qualities make Fusible PVC® pipe systems an ideal choice to ensure safe, reliable drinking water conveyance, while PVC's chemical resistance makes it an effective, long-term solution for deteriorating concrete, steel, and ductile iron wastewater lines.

Since its introduction in 2004, Fusible PVC® pipe has been successfully utilized in over 350 sliplining projects and is often sole source specified due to its unique advantages in preserving maximum flow capacity while providing a fully structural, long-term renewal solution that is independent of host pipe condition.

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