Fusible PVC® Pipe a Growing Solution for Water & Wastewater Infrastructure at U.S. Military Bases

U.S. Military Engineers face unique challenges when designing and constructing infrastructure pipeline projects on military bases. These challenges include contaminated soils, crowded or unknown underground utilities, and limited budgets. Military Engineers have found a product in Fusible PVC® pipe that can provide unique solutions, savings, and long service life for both new installations and rehabilitation projects. Fusible PVC® pipe meets these objectives by combining material familiarity, chemical resistance, and long service life in a wide range of installation methods including both trenchless and traditional open-cut excavation.

PVC pipe, already prevalent in most military infrastructure networks, now accounts for more than 70% of the new water pipelines installed in the U.S. With increased adoption of trenchless installation methods to minimize conflict with base operations, Fusible PVC® pipe systems provide an optimal choice for many military projects, allowing military engineers and base infrastructure managers to reduce initial installation costs and eliminate long-term maintenance.

Travis AFB - California

With high resistance to both hydrocarbon permeation and oxidation by chlorine-based disinfectants, Fusible PVC® pipe can withstand the rigors and environment of military conditions during its entire service life while ensuring safe drinking water quality. For gravity sewer systems, Fusible PVC® pipe systems eliminate root intrusion, exfiltration of sewage and infiltration of groundwater, improving total pipeline life and lowering long term ownership cost. Fusible PVC® pipe is increasingly being specified by military engineers to safeguard water systems from the unique conditions encountered on bases - and has been installed on over 40 different U.S. military bases.

One satisfied customer stated: "We successfully installed the Fusible PVC® pipe water main by HDD in a highly sensitive area with very high pressure. This product brings a new dimension to us for future projects."

Fusible PVC® Pipe Advantages:
  • Use of standard fittings to connect to PVC and DI pipe
  • Smaller OD for given ID and pressure class vs. other plastic pipe
  • 2x the tensile strngth of HDPE pipe
  • Reduces size and cost of associated fittings

Parris Island MCB (SC)
16" DR18 Force Main

29 Palms MCB (CA)
14", 12", 10", 8", 6" DR18 Water

Andrews AFB (MD)
16", 12", 10", 8", 6" DR18 Water

Travis AFB (CA)
8" DR14 Water
Pipe Burst

Andersen AFB (Guam)
14" DR25 Water
Slipline, Pipe Burst & Open-Cut

Ellsworth AFB (SD)
8" DR18 Water
Pipe Burst

Apra Harbor (Guam)
12" DR18 Water & Sewer
Pipe Burst & Open Cut

Camp Lejeune MCB (NC)
24" DR25 Force Main

Cape Canaveral (FL)
16" DR18/14 Water