< Consolidated Mutual Water Company Pipe Bursting Program Reaches New Milestone: 160,000 LF Installed with $9.8M in Savings

Consolidated Mutual Water Company Pipe Bursting Waterline Replacement Program Reaches Thirty-Three Miles with Fusible C-900® Pipe

The Consolidated Mutual Water Company (Consolidated) distributes approximately 4 billion gallons of water annually to 90,000 residents in Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, and unincorporated portions of central Jefferson County, Colorado. Treated water is delivered through about 400 miles of pipelines and over 20,000 tap connections in a service area of approximately 27 square miles. After building a state-of-the-art membrane treatment plant, Consolidated decided to improve the quality of distributed water further by modernizing their existing water main rehabilitation methods.

Consolidated's distribution system dates back as far as 1926, when the original company was formed from four smaller, well-based systems. Through decades of additions, expansions, and reorganizations, Consolidated has remained committed to providing the highest quality water to its customers through a reliable distribution system. Since the mid-1950's, Consolidated has budgeted money annually for water main replacement and upgrades of other aging infrastructure. Consolidated has historically used the open-cut installation process in its water main replacement program. As the cost of open-cut installation continued to rise, including paved street restoration, Consolidated began evaluating alternative methods for water main replacement.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Owner: The Consolidated Mutual Water Comapny
Project: Pipe Burst Main Replacement Program
Location: Lakewood, CO (2010-2015)
Pipe: 173,500 LF 8", 6", and 4" DR18 Fusible C-900®
Installation: Pipe Burting - self performed by utility
Upsizing: 4" lines to 6" and 6" lines to 8"

After evaluating and testing a variety of equipment, pipe products, and installation methods, Consolidated decided in 2010 to proceed with Phase I of a pipe bursting program to replace 24,000 LF of water pipelines in a service area with antiquated and undersized lines. Consolidated selected Fusible PVC® pipe as the replacement material based on: 1) corrosion resistance, 2) ease of connection, and 3) the pipe system's ability to upsize old cast iron distribution lines while minimizing soil displacement due to its smaller pipe OD versus other pipe options.

Consolidated is licensed and trained to fuse Fusible PVC® pipe. They use McElroy fusion equipment and pipe bursting equipment from TT Technologies. Consolidated enlisted TT's technical assistance when they initiated their pipe burst installation program, and have been fully self-performing installation with excellent efficiency ever since. Consolidated has continued pipe bursting each year since 2010, achieving significant savings versus traditional open-cut replacement, while also minimizing disruption to customers and traffic. Expertise and efficiencies continue to improve with every waterline that is replaced.

Pipe Fusion

Temporary Service Line

Moving Fused Pipe String

Bursting Entry Pit

Expander Head Entering Pipe

Cast Iron Pipe Fragments

Service Connection Pits

Minimal Asphalt Restoration

Completed Project