Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities Uses Pipe Bursting with Fusible PVC® Pipe to Rehabilitate Failing Cast Iron Water Mains e

After several mountain state cities, such as Billings, Montana and Denver, Colorado successfully installed Fusible PVC® pipe by pipe bursting, the Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities (BOPU) elected to move forward in 2011 with its first full scale project utilizing this innovative water rehabilitation technology. Five years later BOPU continues to utilize pipe bursting as an integral part of their asset management and water pipe rehabilitation program. Typically BOPU's in-house engineers design the projects which are then bid through a conventional municipal bid process. To date, Aztec Construction has been the successful bidder on all of the projects and has installed over 29,000 LF of Fusible PVC® pipe to date using Levi's Backhoe Service of Douglas, WY as their pipe burst subcontractor.

Prior to 2011, BOPU had completed pilot pipe burst projects with several different pipe materials and products. A desire to maintain consistency in pipe material (AWWA C900 PVC) and to use standard, off-the-shelf fittings led BOPU to design subsequent pipe burst projects with Fusible PVC® pipe. By using Fusible PVC® pipe, BOPU avoided upsizing to 10" HDPE pipe which would have been required to maintain the same hydraulic capacity as 8" PVC pipe. The pipe material decision was driven by lower project cost and improved long-term maintenance considerations.

Pipe Details:
Powderhouse North & South Rehab Project
2,066 LF of 8" DR14 Fusible C-900®
Pipe Details:
Fiscal Year 2012 Water Rehabilitation Project
4,700 LF of 8" DR14 Fusible C-900®
Pipe Details:
Fiscal Year 2013 Water Rehabilitation Project
3,143 LF of 8" DR14 and 1,504 LF of 12" DR14 Fusible C-900®
Pipe Details:
Fiscal Year 2014 Water Rehabilitation Projects 1 and 2
9,566 Lf of 8" DR14 Fusible C-900®
Pipe Details:
Fiscal Year 2015 Water Rehabilitation Projects 1 and 2
7,455 LF of 8" DR14 and 720 LF of 10" DR14 Fusible C-900®

Pipe bursting reduced surface restoration by over 80% compared to open cut replacement while minimizing interruption to local businesses and reducing overall project costs. All of the newly installed water mains are required to pass a 200 psi pressure test. BOPU plans to continue to include pipe bursting and Fusible PVC® pipe as part of its infrastructure toolbox to rehabilitate old cast iron water mains in 2016.

Brad Brooks of BOPU commented, "It has been a very successful program and we have been very pleased with Fusible PVC® pipe. It was a win-win with trenchless construction and project cost-savings."

The general contractor Aztec Construction and its pipe burst subcontractor Levi's Backhoe Service were both first-time users of the pipe in 2011.

Levi Grohs said, "With the expertise of Underground Solutions and TT Technologies' first-rate equipment, it has been easy for our team to do a great job on these projects."

Bob Meredith of Aztec stated, "We have been involved with pipe bursting projects using various approaches. This system approach was very effective and user friendly, and reduced inconvenience to the traveling public."

In 2014, Aztec became a licensed Underground Solutions fusion contractor.

2011 Rehabilitation along Powderhouse Road: 6" cast iron burst to 8" Fusible C-900® pipe

2012 Rehabilitation in Residential and Park Areas: 6" cast iron burst to 8" Fusible C-900® pipe

2013 Rehabilitation in Residential Areas: 4", 6", and 8" cast iron burst to 8" and 12" Fusible C-900® pipe

2014 Fusion and Layout along E 10th Street: 6" cast iron burst to 8" Fusible C-900® pipe