Comparison of Fusible PVC® and Bell & Spigot PVC

Material Properties of PVC and Bell & Spigot PVC

The material properties of Fusible PVC® and Bell & Spigot PVC are identical with the exception of material weight and the type of restraints. Bell & Spigot PVC provides a slightly higher material weight due to the bell end of the pipe. In addition, Fusible PVC® is fully restrained, meaning no fittings are required, whereas bell restraint harnesses are required for Bell & Spigot PVC. The drawings below more clearly illustrates these material properties:

8" DR 25 Fusible PVC® versus 8" DR 25 B&S PVC


Fused Joint = Restrained Joint

Pressure Class Comparison

Fusible PVC®Bell & Spigot PVC
Dimension RatioPressure RatingDimension RatioPressure Rating
DR 18235 PSIDR 18235 PSI
DR 21200 PSIDR 21200 PSI
DR 25165 PSIDR 25165 PSI
DR 32.5125 PSIDR 32.5125 PSI
DR 41100 PSIDR 41100 PSI
DR 5180 PSIDR 5180 PSI

Sample Pipe Comparisons

Direct Bury / Open Cut

Fusible PVC® will require a more narrow trench width for direct bury than Bell & Spigot PVC, due to the larger outer diameter on the Bell & Spigot PVC. A smaller trench volume means that there will be less excavatopm, less backfilling and less spoil disposal. The drawing below illustrates theses advantages.

Typical Trench Details

Jack & Bore

Fusible PVC® is fully restrained, so no restraint hardware is required. In addition to a larger Outer Diameter, Bell and Spigot PVC requires restraints at each joint, causing in upsize in casing for Jack & Bore. The comparisons below illustrate these significant differences.

Casing Drawing

Restrained Joints