< Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania Rehabilitates 30-Inch Cast Iron Water Transmission Main via Sliplining

Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania Rehabilitates 30-Inch Cast Iron Water Transmission Main via Sliplining

Located just east of Pittsburgh, the Wilkinsburg-Penn Joint Water Authority was established in 1945 by the Borough of Wilkinsburg and Penn Township. Today the Authority is governed by a twelve-member Board representing East Suburban communities and is the fifth largest water authority in Pennsylvania, serving a total of 40,000 customers. The Authority’s borders reach from the City of Pittsburgh to the Westmoreland County line and from the Monongahela River to the Allegheny River. An average of 22 million gallons of water per day is pumped through the Authority’s 430 miles of pipelines.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Water Transmission Line Replacement and Slipline
Location: Wilkinsburg, PA
Length: 1,600 LF (820 LF and 780 LF segments)
Pipe Size: 24” DR 21 Fusible PVC®Pipe
Installation: Slipline
Owner: Wilkinsburg – Penn Joint Water Authority
Engineers: NIRA Consulting Engineers, Inc. Chester Engineers, Inc.
Contractor: JMF Underground, Inc.
UGSI Contact: Chet Allen (724) 321-1514 callen@undergroundsolutions.com

For several years the Authority has maintained sections of an existing 30-inch cast iron water transmission main that was experiencing problems with corrosion and substantial leaks. NIRA Consulting Engineers, Inc. of Coraopolis was retained by the Authority to develop rehabilitation options for the aging water transmission main.

In two sections of the alignment, where the cast iron transmission main was located under pavement (Hochberg Road and Howard Street), NIRA’s design specified sliplining the existing pipeline with Fusible PVC® pipe. For the remaining pipeline sections in less developed areas, NIRA specified conventional open-cut replacement using bell-and-spigot pipe.

Ray Antonelli of NIRA Consultants, who was actively involved with the project, commented: "In the areas with neighborhoods where disruption of traffic would have been high, we chose sliplining with Fusible PVC® pipe to rehabilitate the existing main. It proved to be a beneficial approach given the product’s ability to maintain the necessary flow capacity without open cutting the entire street. NIRA continues to specify the use of this technology in other projects throughout the region that can benefit from a fused PVC pipe and less disruptive methods of installation."

JMF Underground, Inc. of Mechanicsburg was contracted to perform the installation. Chester Engineers was retained for project inspection and oversight to ensure proper completion of the slipline and open-cut construction. Pipe fusion services were provided by Underground Solutions, Inc. Fusion

Fusion and staging of 24-inch Fusible PVC® pipe required planning and coordination to handle the pipe strings on narrow streets with limited access