< Over Four Miles of Fusible C-900<sup>®</sup> Pipe Installed via Horizontal Directional Drilling along Oregon Coastal Highway 101

Over Four Miles of Fusible C-900® Pipe Installed via Horizontal Directional Drilling along Oregon Coastal Highway 101

The Shoreline Sanitary District, under order of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, recently used trenchless pipeline construction and Fusible PVC® pipe to help eliminate treated wastewater discharges to the Skipanon River. As part of the project, over 21,000 feet of 4-inch Fusible PVC® pipe was installed via horizontal directional drilling (HDD) in order to connect the District’s existing collection system to the City of Warrenton’s nearby treatment facilities. This allowed the District to avoid costly upgrades to its wastewater treatment plant.

The Shoreline Sanitary District, nestled alongside Highway 101 on the majestic Oregon coast, is a small sewer utility consisting of approximately 147 residences, a gravity sewer collection system and a wastewater treatment facility that was not able to meet newer wastewater discharge standards. Faced with the economic burden of upgrading the existing wastewater treatment facility, the District turned to Curran-McLeod Consulting Engineers to design a sanitary sewer force main that would directly tie the District’s existing collection system to the City of Warrenton’s under-utilized wastewater treatment facility.

Following a thorough materials analysis, Curran-McLeod selected Fusible C-900® pipe for the project based on the product’s high tensile strength, compatibility with standard ductile iron fittings, and ability to optimize the hydraulic benefit of the effective inside diameter of the pipe. These characteristics proved particularly useful on the project, which included drills in excess of 1,000 feet. Most of the drills were located directly under or adjacent to Highway 101.

Ryan Lampi, Project Manager for Big River Construction, stated: “We were initially skeptical of Fusible PVC® pipe since it was a pipe product we had never used before; but the product handled the tight layout constraints and tough drilling conditions flawlessly. We would not hesitate to work with Underground Solutions and Fusible PVC® pipe on projects like this in the future.”

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Cullaby Lake Road and Deerfield Lane Pump Station and Force Main Improvements
Location: Warrenton, OR
Pipe Size: 21,544 LF of 4” DR18 Fusible C-900® Pipe
Owner: Shoreline Sanitary District
Engineer: Curran-McLeod Consulting Engineers
Contractors: Big River Construction, Inc. (General Contractor) General Utilities Co. (HDD Subcontractor)

Patrick Curran of Curran-McLeod Consulting Engineers added: “The actual directional drilling process took a couple of days to work out the kinks, but after that progress was smooth and seamless. Underground Solutions’ fusion technician was able to remain well ahead of the boring operations. Together they achieved over 1,000 feet per day of production. With Fusible PVC® pipe, the boring contractor was able to efficiently and quickly install over 21,000 feet of pipe in just four weeks. It is difficult to imagine a more effective method of pipe installation given the local site conditions.”

John Glen, Chairman of the Shoreline Sanitary District, also commented: “I just can’t say enough about Curran-Mcleod Consulting Engineers, Big River Construction, General Utilities, and Underground Solutions. Each of these entities worked together to make this project a wonderful success.”