The City of Urbandale, Iowa Installs 20-Inch Fusible PVC® Pipe for Extension of 100th Street Water Main

The City of Urbandale, Iowa is an attractive northwest suburb of Des Moines with a steadily increasing population. With development continuing toward the northern limits of the city, Urbandale Water Utility needed to extend its water distribution system along 100th Street to the north side of Interstate 80/35. The utility determined that a new 20-inch water main was required to serve the city's long term water demands in this area. The next task was to determine how to install a 20-inch water main crossing beneath the interstate highway.

Urbandale Water Utility and Snyder & Associates decided to specify 20-inch Fusible PVC® pipe inside a 30-inch steel casing for the crossing of I-80/35. The Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) requires steel casings to be a minimum of four inches larger than the outermost diameter of the carrier pipe. Based on this requirement, the bell OD on bell-and-spigot PVC pipe would have dictated upsizing the steel casing to 36 inches - resulting in additional expense to the project.

Urbandale Water Utility already uses PVC pipe in its system, so specifying Fusible PVC® pipe for the trenchless section of the project was a logical choice. Johanna Weber of Urbandale Water Utility commented, "We became comfortable with Fusible PVC® pipe after a thorough vetting of the product and determined it would be a good fit for our project."

After crossing to the north side of I-80/35, the alignment for the new main crossed under North Walnut Creek before steeply climbing about 25 vertical feet back to equivalent grade along 100th Street. Due to the wet and steep terrain in this location, Fusible PVC® pipe was also used for this open trench portion of construction just north of the IDOT right-of-way.

Fused PVC pipe was selected to reduce the potential for long-term maintenance by providing a fully-restrained solution under the creek and up the embankment. The Fusible PVC® pipe portion of the water main profile is illustrated in blue in the adjacent drawing. A vertical bend fitting was required after crossing the creek to achieve the steep change of direction shown in the drawing.

A significant amount of rain during construction made it challenging for J&K Contracting to excavate across the swollen North Walnut Creek.

Jamie Crubaugh of J&K Contracting has worked with Fusible PVC® pipe on several projects and remarked, "Underground Solutions provides a great level of support during construction and we look forward to working with them on future projects." Overall, the project resulted in a successfully installed water main that will help serve the future needs of the City of Urbandale.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: 100th Street Water Main
Location: Urbandale, IA
Length: 830 LF
Pipe Size: 20-inch DR18
Installation: Jack & Bore, Open-Cut
Owner: Urbandale Water Utility
Engineer: Snyder & Associates
Contractor: J&K Contracting
UGSI Contact: Dan Christensen (715) 206-0518

Pipe Fusion with a T-900 Fusion Machine

Pipe Positioning for Installation

Pipe Staged for Creek Crossing

Creek Bed Excavated for Water Main