® pipe through a combination of direct bury and horizontal directional drilling. " />

Titusville, FL Uses 20" FPVC® Pipe for New Raw Water Transmission Main to Avoid Potential Contaminated Soils Issues

The City of Titusville's new wellfield is located near the abandoned Florida East Coast Railroad (FECRR) right-of-way just south of Volusia County. To convey water from the wellfield to the City's treatment plant, the transmission main follows a portion of the railroad right-of-way.

Soils testing along the FECRR right-of-way during the preliminary design phase found arsenic levels that exceeded Florida's safe limits. Arsenic was sprayed by the railroad to preserve the wooden ties and control vegetation growth until the practice was banned. City Senior Engineer Ed Wardingley suggested the use of a gasket-less, fused joint plastic pipe material for the new transmission main that would limit the number of possible infiltration points along the FECRR right-of-way. The City further researched the idea and determined that FPVC® pipe was the best pipe material option for the application based on resistance to arsenic, ease of transition to the required valves and fittings, and overall constructability considerations. In all, over 8500 LF of the transmission main alignment was designated for installation with 20" DR18 FPVC® pipe through a combination of direct bury and horizontal directional drilling.

The project bid in December 2009, with the contract split into three separate sections. Cathcart Contracting Company of Winter Springs, FL was awarded sections 1 and 2, while Masci Corporation of Port Orange, FL was awarded section 3.

Directional drill sections were subcontracted to Utility Services Group of America (by Cathcart) and Bore Hawg, Inc. (by Masci), while Cathcart and Masci installed the open trench sections for their respective contracts. Fusion services were provided by Underground Solutions for all three sections. Jason Scarborough with Cathcart installed the open trench sections using a dig-and-pull method averaging 1,000 LF per day with a three man crew. Work was completed in December 2010.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Owner: City of Titusville, FL
Project: Area 4 Wells Transmission Main, Sections 1, 2 & 3
Engineer: CPH Engineers, Inc.
General Contractor: Cathcart Contracting Co., Masci Corporation
HDD Contractor: Utility Services Group of America; Bore Hawg
Pipe: 8500 LF of 20" DR18 FPVC®
Installation: Open Cut and HDD
UGSI Contact: Richard Neal (407) 399-1662 rneal@undergroundsolutions.com