< Stevensville, Maryland Saves Money and Minimizes Disruption by Replacing Aging Ductile Iron Sewer Main with Fusible PVC<sup>®</sup> Pipe

Stevensville, Maryland Saves Money and Minimizes Disruption by Replacing Aging Ductile Iron Sewer Main with Fusible PVC® Pipe

Stevensville, Maryland, located in Queen Anne’s County, was founded as a steamboat terminal in 1850. Recently, the town needed to upgrade an aging ductile iron, wastewater force main connecting a pump station to its wastewater treatment plant. The 1,850 LF 16-inch force main had become undersized and was experiencing significant corrosion. To address the problem, the municipality installed a new 24-inch DR18 Fusible PVC® force main in March 2015.

Twenty-year industry veteran, Todd Brandow of Spring & Associates, completed the new force main installation using horizontal directional drilling (HDD). Spring & Associates contracted with Underground Solutions, Inc. (UGSI) to supply pipe and fusion services for the project.

"Fusible PVC® pipe is a great option in the utility pipeline construction business. We have used the product with success on multiple HDD projects. I’m pleased to say the Stevensville installation proceeded very smoothly, in part because of the professionalism and support of UGSI’s Construction Manager." Rodney Spring President, Spring & Associates

The new force main was installed using HDD to minimize traffic disruption along the construction route. For a town that is home to commuters to nearby Baltimore and Washington, D.C., maintaining traffic flow is an important consideration in construction planning. Because part of the force main alignment ran parallel to a road and crossed under a major thoroughfare, traditional open-cut construction would have required night work and costly jack-and-bore crossings.

Inside pipe diameter (ID) was a critical design element for the project. HDPE pipe would have required upsizing to a larger outside diameter (OD) to maintain similar ID and pressure capability. Using a smaller OD pipe, even by a few inches, can have a significant economic impact in trenchless construction. In this case, the larger OD pipe would have required an extra reaming pass, significantly increasing the spoils removal according to Rodney Spring, President of Spring & Associates.

The planned improvements included approximately 30 miles of new water main throughout the distribution system to bolster pressure and deliver more water to existing customers and two new communities, Holton Rural Water and the Town of Versailles. GRW performed a hydraulic model for the entire system. The system included five pressure zones covering approximately 400 square miles in three counties. The facilities construction was funded through the USDA Rural Development program.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Pump Station #2 Upgrade
Location: Stevensville, MD
Length: 1,850 LF
Pipe Size: 24-inch DR18 FPVC® pipe
Owner: Queen Anne’s County Sanitary District
Engineer: McCrone, Inc.
Contractor: Spring & Associates

Construction savings associated with the ID/OD relationship of PVC pipe made Fusible PVC® pipe an easy choice for Spring & Associates. Fusible PVC® pipe saved time and money; creating a smooth, successful installation with minimal disruption to the town of Stevensville, Maryland.

Pipe Staged For Fusion

Tent for Cold Weather Fusion

Pipe String Layout

Pipe Staged on Rollers

Final Staging for Pull-in

Successful Pull-in Complete