St. Johns Water Company Completes New 24" Water Main - 20,000 LF of Fusible C905® Pipe Installed via HDD -

St. Johns Water Company (SJWC) provides water service to the rural sea island communities of Johns Island, Kiawah Island, and Seabrook Island, located near Charleston, South Carolina. SJWC and engineering firm BP Barber began planning to meet the growing water needs of these communities back in 1997. After overcoming a series of legal and design challenges, the project finally bid in June 2007, and 12 miles of 24" pressure pipe was placed in service in June 2008.

Approximately 20,000 LF of the water main was installed via horizontal directional drilling using 24" Fusible C-905® pipe. In addition to a 4,440 LF single drill crossing under the Stono River (Division 4), Divisions 1 through 3 of the project saw 15,600 LF of Fusible C-905® pipe installed in 23 drill shots along River Road. Most of the drilling passed beneath Grand Live Oak Trees, reaching 80" in diameter, which line both sides of River Road. Numerous wetlands, marshland, and tidally influenced crossings were also necessary.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
  • Project:
  • Location:
  • Length:
  • Pipe size:
  • Connections:
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  • John's Island Water Main
  • John's Island, SC
  • 15,600 LF (land); 4440 LF (river)
  • 24" DR18 & DR 25 Fusible C905®
  • MJ Sleeves and Bends
  • Gary Shepherd: (804)-677-8950 (

RH Moore of Murrells Inlet, SC, the General Contractor on Divisions 1, 2 and 3, subcontracted the HDD portion to Bore-tek, Inc. of Ladson, SC. Terry Thompson, partner with Bore-Tek, commented: "This was our first time pursuing such a large project with Fusible PVC™ pipe, but it made economic sense compared to the 30" HDPE alternative. Our production culminated with 5,000 LF of HDD installations in seven shots during the month of April. We are quite pleased with Fusible PVC™ pipe and UGSI."

Based on bid tabulation results, 24" Fusible C-905® pipe saved SJWC almost $500,000 ($25/LF) versus the alternative of installing 30" HDPE pipe on the HDD sections. Overall project savings from using Fusible C-905® pipe were nearly five percent of the total project bid value.

Fusible C-905<sup>®</sup> River Road Fusion

River Road Fusion

Fusible PVC<sup>®</sup> Installation