Springville Utility District of Tennessee Installs Nine Miles of Fusible PVC® Water Distribution Line

Springville Utility District (SUD) is a not-for-profit utility created in 2008 in Henry County, Tennessee. The SUD's purpose is to provide high quality potable water at affordable rates to its service area. Initially, the SUD will be serving about 1,300 homes and businesses. Water for the system is being supplied to the SUD by the Paris, Tennessee Board of Public Utilities.

The newly created utility district recently completed the first phase of a project to install a new distribution system. When complete, the entire distribution system will measure about 155,000 feet, or approximately 30 miles.

Importantly, the SUD is tasked with reliably providing quality water to its customers at the lowest cost. With that goal in mind, the SUD's engineer, Gresham Smith and Partners, conducted an evaluation process based on reliability and total-life-cycle cost. Their evaluation resulted in the recommendation to use Fusible PVC® pipe for a significant portion of the project. In addition to the material property strengths of PVC for water distribution system applications, the minimization of mechanical joints associated with Fusible PVC® pipe and the associated reduction in water loss over the life of the system were key factors in the pipe material selection.

Thomas Marbury of Marbury Construction Co. commented: "Fusible PVC® pipe is still a new material to Marbury Construction and Springville Utility District. The more we have worked with the pipe material and the personnel at UGSI, the more comfortable I feel about using their product in this water system. UGSI helped us confirm that the design worked well with their product, and they cared that the pipe they supplied was installed properly through the whole construction process; watching installation with us every step of the way. UGSI was there the whole time, on the phone and in the field, and I'm grateful to have that kind of support from a pipe manufacturer."

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: 4", 6" & 8" SUD New Distribution Line
Location: Springville, TN
Length 47,630 LF
Pipe Size: 4" DR25 Fusible PVC®, 6" & 8" DR26 Fusible PVC®
Pressure Test 100 PSI
Installation: Open Cut & Horizontal Directional Drill
Owner: Springville Utility District
Engineer: Gresham Smith and Partners
Contactor: Marbury Construction Co.

Fusible PVC® Pipe Fusion

Intermediate Fusion

Fusible PVC® Pipe in Open-Cut Installation

Fusible PVC® Pipe in Open-Cut Installation

Fusible PVC® Pipe Layout and Fusion

Fusible PVC® Pipe Layout