® pipe to upsize the existing 8" steel water line to increase flow capacity." />

Fusible C-900® Pipe Installed via Pipe Burst on South Tahoe Public Utility District Angora Water Tank Project

In June 2009, K. G. Walters Construction Company of Santa Rosa, CA selected Fusible C-900® pipe for the Angora Water Storage Tank and Waterline project in South Tahoe, CA. Pipe was supplied by Underground Solutions, Inc. (UGSI) with fusion services performed by R&B Company, one of more than 50 contactors, distributors, and utilities nationwide licensed and trained by UGSI to fuse Fusible PVC® pipe. The project utilized 800 LF of 10" Fusible C-900® pipe to upsize the existing 8" steel water line to increase flow capacity.

South Tahoe Public Utility District specified PVC for the new pipeline material. Bidding contractors had the choice to open cut or pipe burst the 800 LF section of the waterline that traverses a 36% slope. For the pipe burst option, contractors could select 10" Fusible C-900® pipe or 10" Certa-Lok™ pipe. K.G. Walters, the general contractor on the project, selected pipe bursting with Fusible C-900® pipe. Mocon Corporation of Indio, CA was selected by K.G. Walters to perform the pipe bursting operation.

Following a detailed assessment, Mocon and K.G. Walters determined that Fusible C-900® pipe presented the least risk for the bursting option because of the consistent outer diameter (OD) across the pipe barrel and fused joint (11.1") versus the Certa-Lok™ coupling OD of 13.3". The larger OD of the Certa-Lok™ joint would have required an 18" expander head compared with the 14" expander utilized for the 10" Fusible C-900® pipe.

John Collins, K.G. Walters Superintendent, stated: "The Fusible C-900® pipe worked out well for us. UGSI and R&B supported the project as advertised."

Rob Morrow, owner of Mocon, added: "Fusible C-900® pipe was absolutely the right choice for this project. Having a PVC pipe with the same strength at the joint as the pipe barrel is critical to a pipe burst project like this. There is no room for error. The Certa-Lok™ coupling required upsizing the expander while working with less pull force capacity. This was our first Fusible PVC® project, but we now have several projects under contract using Fusible C-900® pipe. It's an innovative product."

Julie Ryan, with South Tahoe Public Utility District, commented: "The steep terrain, fire-degraded conditions, and high working pressures made Fusible PVC® pipe installed by pipe bursting a cost-effective and efficient combination for the waterline replacement at the Angora Tank. The District was pleased with the installation and will specify Fusible C-900® for future work."

For further project information or references, please contact Rob Craw at (925) 577-7566 or rcraw@undergroundsolutions.com.