Seminole County, Florida Realignment on SR-46 with Fusible PVC® Pipe by Directional Drill

Seminole County, established in 1821 and located in mainstream central Florida, is one of many fast-growing Florida counties with a 15.7% increase in population over the last ten years. Seminole County covers 344 square miles and services over 33,000 customers with water, sewer, and reuse water through its utilities department. A recent expansion at the Yankee Lake Regional Water Reclamation Facility (RWRF) required augmentation from the St. Johns River to meet the ever increasing reuse water demand for irrigation.

The Yankee Lake RWRF transmission lines run along SR-46, where a major highway expansion required the lines to be relocated further from the roadway. The County took advantage of the move by enlarging the pipelines while accommodating the future road expansion. The overall project consisted of installing 4,070 LF of 30-inch reclaim water main and 15,900 LF of 24-inch force main by open-trench, jack & bore, and horizontal directional drilling (HDD). The HDD sections required 2,600 LF of 24-inch and 30-inch Fusible PVC® DR25 pipe which was installed by Trenchless Specialties of Orlando; with Randy Bratcher managing the project. Dan Smolik, project manager with Garney Companies, working with Will Poczekaj on-site, easily installed the remaining pipe on the project. Underground Solutions provided fusion service, with Garney Companies placing the pipe into the fusion area and setting-up the pullback sections. Underground Solutions also provided onsite technical assistance to ensure the Fusible PVC® pipe was handled and installed to the project specifications.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: State Road 46
Location: Seminole County Florida
Length: 2,600 LF
Pipe Size: 24" & 30" DR25 Fusible PVC®
Pressure Test: 160 psi for 2 hours
Installation: Directional Drill
Owner: Seminole County Utilities
Engineer: Chandler Wilson, HDR Engineering
Contractor: Garney Companies
Directional Driller: Randy Bratcher, Trenchless Specialties

Overall, the project went very well using the Fusible PVC® pipe. Trenchless Specialties was able to install the larger pipe with more confidence over the alternate HDPE pipe because of the weight savings, according to Randy Bratcher. The connections to DIP fittings and valves provided Seminole County savings by using Fusible PVC® pipe and matched the bell-and-spigot pipe flow requirements without upsizing, per Dan Smolik with Garney. "This was our first large diameter project using Fusible PVC&trade pipe," and the construction inspector and the program manager from CH2MHill were very impressed according to Carol Hunter, Seminole County Utilities Engineering Manager. Ms. Hunter added, "We look forward to using this product on future projects."