City of Sarasota Adds to Fusible PVC® Pipe Installations with 24-inch and 12-inch Force Mains via Horizontal Directional Drilling

As part of Sarasota's ongoing commitment to upgrade major and minor water and wastewater pipelines nearing the end of their useful lives, the City recently embarked on a major wastewater project to upgrade a lift station (LS 16) that serves the downtown waterfront and replace the 24-inch force main along the high profile half-mile route. The City retained one consultant to address LS 16 and another, Stantec, to design the new force main. As the City's Utilities Engineering Manager, Mike Crumpton, explained, "This was a particularly challenging project, as the alignment initially paralleled U.S. Rt. 41 along the bayfront and then turned through an established neighborhood to connect with a major wastewater transmission line further inland. Use of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) for the majority of the alignment was chosen to avoid extensive restoration, dewatering, and public disruption expense associated with open-cut installation." Chris Rosenboom, Stantec Design Engineer, added: "As the City previously utilized both HDPE and Fusible PVC® pipe for pipeline HDD requirements and both were technically viable for this application, bidding contractors had a choice to base bids on similar ID/Pressure Class options of 24-inch DR25 Fusible PVC® pipe or 30-inch DR11 HDPE. Ultimately all bidders chose Fusible PVC® pipe."

Low contractor, Spectrum Underground, Inc., its HDD subcontractor, Centerline Directional Drilling Services, and UGSI teamed to complete the three drill sections within a month. Due to limited layout space, intermediate fusion during pull-back was necessary on two HDD bores. Harley Sunquist, President of Spectrum Underground, stated: "This was our first large diameter Fusible PVC® pipe experience. Minimizing borehole size and eliminating fusion adapters were meaningful advantages. Coincidently, we also had another pipeline project at the City's water treatment plant that included a jack & bore pipe crossing. After evaluating Fusible PVC® pipe for the LS 16 force main, we identified and got approval for a value engineering opportunity to substitute 12-inch Fusible PVC® pipe via HDD on that project. Based on these experiences, we will continue to consider use of Fusible PVC® pipe on future projects."

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Projects: Gulfstream/Alderman FM/Wells 9 & 10 Pipeline
Fusible PVC® Pipe Size/HDD Length: 24-inch DR25: 2,500LF via 3 HDDs /12-inch DR18: 160LF
Engineer: Stantec/Atkins
Utility Contractor: Spectrum Underground, Inc. - Sarasota, FL
HDD Contractor: Centerline Directional Drilling Services, Inc. - Labelle, FL
Distributor: Ferguson Waterworks

Fusion Set-up at LS 16 for 800 LF HDD

Drill Rig Set-up at Gulfstream and U.S. 41 for 1,100 LF, 24" FPVC® HDD

From Sarasota Bayfront to Alderman