Fusible C-905® Pipe Used to Rehabilitate 24" Potable Water Transmission Line in Santa Cruz, California

In March 2008, Underground Solutions (UGSI) contracted with Lewis and Tibbitts to provide UGSI's Fusible C-905® pipe and fusion services for the slipline rehabilitation of a failing steel water main in Santa Cruz, CA. The project, completed in May 2008, is the fifth in a series of successful slipline rehabilitation projects performed in the Northern California area using Fusible PVC™ pipe.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
  • Project:
  • Location:
  • Quantity:
  • Pipe size:
  • Installation:
  • UGSI Contact:
  • Western Drive and Bay Street Water Main Replacement
  • Santa Cruz, CA
  • 2,000 LF
  • 18" DR41 Fusible C-905®
  • Slipline
  • Rob Craw - (925) 577-7566 (rcraw@undergroundsolutions.com)

In February 2008, the City of Santa Cruz advertised the project for bid, requiring 2,000 LF of 18" ID pipe to be sliplined into the existing 24" steel pipeline. Fusible C-905® pipe and HDPE were specified as suitable materials for the project. Because of its higher strength-to-weight ratio, Fusible C-905® pipe was able to meet the 18" ID requirement using an 18" DIPS size pipe, while HDPE was required to upsize to 20" DIPS to provide an equal ID and pressure class.

Bid documents required contractors to select their pipeline material on bid day based on lowest overall installed cost. Six of the eight bidding contractors submitted bids based on Fusible C- 905® pipe as their lowest cost option. The difference between the low bidder, who chose Fusible C-905® pipe, and the lowest bidder selecting HDPE was $153,000, an 18% difference.

Douglas Valby, P.E. Civil Engineer with the City of Santa Cruz, said: "We are very happy with Fusible PVC® and will use this pipe for future projects in the City of Santa Cruz."

Eddie Renshaw, V.P. of Lewis and Tibbitts, stated: "Underground Solutions has a great pipe product that is very easy to work with, especially in sliplining. We were very happy with the support we received from Underground Solutions in the field during pipe fusion and installation."




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