City of Roseville Completes Second Phase of Atlantic Street Slipline with Fusible PVC® Pipe

The City of Roseville, California recently completed its third slipline project in as many years using Fusible PVC® pipe. The City's first project was the Lincoln Avenue slipline. That pilot project sliplined a 480 LF 12-inch Fusible C-900® line into a degraded 16-inch cast iron host pipe under the Union Pacific Railroad tracks with a second 400 LF line east on Lincoln Avenue. In 2011, the City bid the first phase of the Atlantic Street Rehabilitation Project which included sliplining 3,300 LF of 16-inch Fusible C-905® into an existing 20-inch welded steel host. In 2012, the City extended the Atlantic Street Rehabilitation Project an additional 2,200 LF into downtown Roseville.

During the design of the Atlantic Street projects, the City evaluated various PVC pipeline materials that could be appropriate for slipline installation. Both projects allowed for the use of 16-inch Fusible C-905® pipe (OD 17.4") and a spline-and-coupling segmented pipe (coupling OD = ~19") for the new carrier. Due to the OD differences between the two joining technologies and limited inner diameter (ID) of the host pipe, all of the bidders on both projects selected to slipline the existing pipe using Fusible C-905® pipe. The existing ID of the host pipe was approximately 20 inches with sections measuring less than 20 inches in some areas. As seen in Figure 1 below, the Fusible C-905® pipe's low profile joint allowed the contractor two inches of clearance between the OD of the new pipe and the ID of the most limited sections of host pipe. When considering the use of segmented pipe, the bidding contractors had to include casing spacers to support the pipe to eliminate potential stress concentration points at pipe joints. Fusible C-905® pipe could be inserted directly on the invert of the host pipe thereby reducing risk. The design required a grouted annulus after pressure test acceptance in order to restrain the pipe in place with additional skin friction.

With the help of Underground Solutions, Inc. (UGSI), the City self-performed the pilot slipline project and subsequently used a conventional design-bid-build process for the larger Atlantic Street projects.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Lincoln Street & Atlantic Street Rehabilitation Projects
Location: Roseville, CA
Length: 880 LF of 12-inch Fusible C-900® & 5,500 LF of 16-inch Fusible C-905®
Pipe Size: 12-inch and 16-inch DR25 PC 165
Installation: Slipline
Contactor(s): Mountain Cascade Inc. and Cagianno General Engineering, Inc.

City of Roseville Project Manager, George Hanson, said: "UGSI has always provided the support required for facilitating successful projects."

Mountain Cascade's project superintendent, Rick Redmond, added: "UGSI did excellent work on our project. They were very professional and gave us great support. Fusible PVC® pipe is a really great product compared to a lot of pipe that I have installed in the past. I would recommend Fusible PVC® pipe on pipeline projects."

Salvatore Caggiano, President of Caggiano General Engineering, Inc., commented: "Underground Solutions performed an outstanding job on this slipline project. Access and working space was very tight due to the narrow streets, schools, and downtown shopping area. UGSI gave us great service and support, and I look forward to performing future projects together."

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