Rio Rancho Selects Fusible PVC® Pipe for Reuse Water Project Phases I & II

Rio Rancho, one of the most desirable and affordable communities in New Mexico, is also one of the fastest growing cities in the State. Incorporated in 1981 on the northern outskirts of Albuquerque, Rio Rancho began as a suburb of just 10,000 residents and by 2000 had exceeded 52,000. Its population has doubled since 1985 and is forecast to double again by 2020.

The City's water supply is finite, however, depending on an aquifer for all water used. The 420% increase in population has placed considerable demands on the infrastructure. Accordingly, direction was given by the Rio Rancho Governing Body in 2001 to work toward reusing wastewater. In 2005, a new membrane filtration wastewater treatment plant was built near the Cabezon subdivision. The treated water quality was high enough to use for irrigation and for discharge into local waterways.

Wilson & Company was then hired to design a piping system to carry reuse water from the Cabezon plant to supply areas such as the local golf course, the Rio Rancho Sports Complex, and eventually for reinjection into the aquifer during winter months. The alignment of this new pipeline would pass through highly sensitive areas, so the city engineers requested a fully-fused HDPE pipeline. The project was ultimately divided into three phases.

Wilson & Company selected 18-inch DR11 HDPE for Phases I and II. Upon learning that Fusible PVC® pipe would also provide a fully fused, monolithic, and joint-free pipeline, Wilson & Company decided to allow it as an approved alternate, requiring equal inside diameter and pressure class. Due to the superior strength to weight ratio of FPVC® pipe, 16-inch DR25 Fusible PVC® pipe was approved for use. After two separate bidding processes involving more than a dozen contractors, only one chose not to bid using FPVC® pipe on bid day. The City of Rio Rancho saved an estimated $200,000 in material alone on Phases I and II by allowing FPVC® pipe as an alternate to HDPE for its reuse waterline.

John Ketchum, a City of Rio Rancho Engineer, said: "We've been very pleased with the successful installations of Fusible PVC® pipe in our system; both for reuse pipelines and potable water pipelines. As of December 2012, we formally approved Fusible PVC&trade pipe to be listed on our Standard Products List."

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Rio Rancho Water Reuse
Location: Rio Rancho, NM
Length & Pipe Size: Phase I - 9,400 LF 16" DR25 FPVC® Purple
Length & Pipe Size: Phase II - 6,165 LF 10-inch DR25 & 11,700 LF 16-inch DR25 FPVC® Purple
Pressure Test: 150 psi for 2 hours
Installation: Open-Cut
Owner: City of Rio Rancho, John Ketchum
Engineer: Wilson & Co, Patrick Chavez
Contractor: Phase I - Layne Southwest, Kurt Marshall
Contractor: Phase II - RMCI, Mike Base
UGSI Contact: Steve Austin (303) 563-9467

Phase 1
Pipe Fusion

Phase 1
Fusion Lay-Down
Area in Arroyo

Phase 1
'Roping' FPVC® Pipe
into the Trench

Phase 2
Golf Course Lay-Down Area 1

Phase 2
Golf Course Lay-Down Area 2