< Wetlands Crossing of New Raw Water Supply Transmission Main Completed with 36-inch Fusible PVC<sup>®</sup> Pipe in Bay County, Florida

Wetlands Crossing of New Raw Water Supply Transmission Main Completed with 36-inch Fusible PVC® Pipe in Bay County, Florida

Bay County, Florida Utility Services Department provides potable water to the surrounding communities of Panama City, Panama City Beach, Callaway, Lynn Haven, Tyndall Air Force Base, and five other nearby utilities. Bay County draws its raw water for treatment and supply from the Deer Point Reservoir. The reservoir is one of the few surface water supply systems in Florida. Most drinking water sources in the state are supplied from groundwater wells.

Bay County Utility Services and County Administrators recently determined that a new raw water intake and pumping facility was required to provide increased redundancy and reliability to the current water supply system. Recommended improvements included the installation of approximately 10 miles of a new, 36-inch raw water transmission pipeline. The new pipeline will transport raw surface water from the northern end of the reservoir to the potable water treatment facility. The alternate raw water intake location was selected based on water quality and reliability of the County’s water supply during times of natural disasters.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Bay County Alternate Potable Water Supply
Location: Panama City, Florida
Length: 1,500 LF
Pipe Size: 36” DR21 DIPS Fusible PVC® pipe
Pressure Test: 150 psi
Installation: HDD
Owner: Bay County Utility Services
Engineer: Hatch Mott MacDonald/Preble-Rish, Inc.
General Contractor: Phoenix Construction Services, Inc.
HDD Contractor: T.B. Landmark

The alignment for the new raw water pipeline was approximately 54,000 feet and included a crossing of Cedar Creek in the Gulf Power transmission easement. In evaluating possible alternatives for the 1,500-foot creek crossing the contractor and engineer selected horizontal directional drilling (HDD) using Fusible PVC® pipe. James Bundy, P.E., Project Manager for Hatch Mott MacDonald, commented, “Thirty-six-inch DR21 DIPS Fusible PVC® pipe provided the necessary hydraulic capacity, minimized the borehole size, and provided an allowable safe pull force in excess of the estimates for a 1,500-foot HDD installation.” Bundy further added, “During the design phase, Underground Solutions’ technical and construction support team provided valuable and timely input concerning design questions and validations.”

Aerial View of Cedar Creek Alignment

Cedar Creek (looking north)

Construction of the HDD section of the project started in January 2015. Underground Solutions provided fusion services with the support of Phoenix Construction Services. The 1,500-foot pipe string was completed in approximately two weeks, including weather delays. In the interim, T.B. Landmark mobilized its HDD equipment and started the pilot bore. Borehole preparation required approximately three weeks. “The reaming and swabbing process took time, however the result was a stable borehole,” commented Marty Adams, T.B. Landmark Project Manager. Adams added, “The combination of a good borehole and ballasted Fusible PVC® pipe resulted in a very smooth and quick pull-in. We completed the pull in just under eight hours.”

36-inch Fusible PVC®Pipe String and Pull Head

Large Diameter Horizontal Directional Drill Equipment and Tooling