Osceola Parkway-Florida Turnpike Crossing Orlando, Florida

The TOHO Water Authority (TOHO) has been acquiring and integrating water utility systems in Osceola County near Orlando, FL. As part of that growth, a 24-inch interconnect in Kissimmee, FL was required to provide adequate redundancy in the system. The route of the 24" water main required a key crossing at the Florida Turnpike. After evaluation of alternatives, the design team including CPH, Inc. and TOHO concluded on a single horizontal directional drill (HDD) installation as the most practical solution to cross the highway. The FDOT Turnpike office required encasement for the pipeline within their right-of-way, including minimum depth requirements, which in turn drove the required size of the casing, bore hole, and ultimately the depth required for the crossing.

"24" DR18 Fusible C-905® carrier pipe and 30" DR21 Fusible PVC® casing offered the only practical pipe material option for this specific application", commented project engineer, Jay Morris, P.E.. Jay added, "The high hydrostatic design basis (HDB) of Fusible PVC® enabled us to minimize the OD of the casing pipe and the corresponding depth of the bore alignment, in accordance with FDOT guidelines".

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Osceola Parkway - Florida Turnpike WM Crossing
Location: Kissimmee, FL
Length: 1,500'
Pipe Size: 30" DR21 FPVC® Casing, 24" DR18 Fusible C-905® Carrier
Pressure Test: Casing - 65 psi; Carrier - 150 psi
Installation: Casing Pipe - HDD, Carrier Pipe - Slipline
Owner: TOHO Water Authority
Engineer: CPH Inc. - Jay Morris, P.E.
Contractor: Andrew Sitework, LLC - Ralph Andrew
HDD Contactor: Andrew Sitework, LLC - Ralph Andrew
UGSI Contact: Robert Tatum (941) 320-2440 rtatum@undergroundsolutions.com

Ralph Andrews, the GC on the project said, "the technical, fusion and construction support from Underground Solutions, Inc. (UGSI) contributed to smooth and straight forward project execution". "We had a tight construction schedule and we completed the project on schedule, he added.

30" Casing Fusion

30" Casing Pull-In

24" Carrier Install