City of South Pasadena, CA Rehabilitates 15,000 LF Section of 16" Steel Waterline via Sliplining with Fusible C-900® Pipe

Fusible PVC® pipe is increasingly the pipe to use on projects that require extraordinary design and installation expertise. The recently completed 7,000 LF slipline rehabilitation project of an industrial pipeline in California is yet another example of this trend. The existing 20" steel pipeline conveys an industrial fluid stream under a large body of water. Recent surveys of the pipeline showed signs of wear and aging, including corrosion at the access points on either side of the water crossing. Because of the importance of the existing alignment and its environmentally sensitive location, a reliable rehabilitation method was pursued as a first course of action.

A team was developed to tackle the crossing, including Galindo Construction (General Contractor), J-C General Engineering, Inc. (Trenchless Subcontractor), and the client's own engineering and operations group. The team evaluated various options; among them sliplining the existing pipe with another pipeline. While this quickly became the preferred option in terms of limiting impact to existing operations, the hard part was finding a pipe material that could survive a 7,000 LF installation while still delivering the required flow and pressure characteristics. The search led the team to Fusible PVC® pipe.

Due to the material strength of PVC plastic, Fusible PVC® pipe provides the necessary internal flow area within the outer diameter limitation mandated by a slipline application. Equally important, the pipe is capable of a monolithic pull of such great length because of the strength of its thermally butt-fused joints. The most critical aspect of the project centered on the installation. Logistics and construction challenges included fusing and staging 7,000 LF of 14" diameter DR21 FPVC® pipe, aligning and inserting the fused string into the host pipe, properly cleaning and lubricating the host pipe, ballasting the new pipeline to facilitate successful completion of the installation, and coordinating the myriad other details required to successfully overcome these and other project site challenges. John Coughran of J-C General Engineering, Inc. stated, "We have pulled Fusible PVC® pipe on past projects with great success, and we selected Fusible PVC® pipe for this installation because we had concerns about the pull strength of HDPE over a distance of 7,000 feet." Ron Galindo of Galindo Construction said, "Underground Solutions provided a superior fusion technician and outstanding equipment support for the project - we worked as a team to handle and fuse 7,000 feet of 14-inch Fusible PVC® pipe in six days. Underground Solutions provided excellent construction management support for the entire duration of the project, and I look forward to working with them on a future project."

In February 2012, the pipeline was successfully installed and pressure tested, completing the rehabilitation project. It represents the longest single-length installation of Fusible PVC® pipe to date across all installation modes. FPVC® pipe delivered superior hydraulic performance for this application by providing an additional 30 percent of internal flow area compared to HDPE pipe, which was also considered as a sliplining option. FPVC® pipe's increased flow area will provide realized savings to the owner in the form of lower annual pumping costs and overall reduced life cycle costs. A product was selected that could withstand the demanding installation requirements, meet the operational requirements, and provide the lowest annual operational costs, critical to any businesses success.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Industrial Slipline Operation
Location: California
Length: 7,000 LF
Pipe Size: 14" DR21
Installation: Slipline
Contractor: Galindo Construction (Gen. Contractor) J-C General Engineering, Inc. (Trenchless Subcontractor)

Existing 20" Steel Host Pipe

Pipe Fusion

Drill Rig for Host Prep and FPVC® Pull-In

Pullhead Used to Self-Ballast Line During Pull-In

Alignment of Pipe Prior to Pull-In

Pull-In Into Existing Host Pipe

Pigging Operation to Clean Out Ballasting Drill Mud

Hydrostatic Pressure Test

Reconnection Made - Rehabilitation Complete