< City of New Iberia, Louisiana Installs Over a Mile of Fusible PVC<sup>®</sup> Pipe by Horizontal Directional Drill for Force Main Upgrade

City of New Iberia, Louisiana Installs Over a Mile of Fusible PVC® Pipe by Horizontal Directional Drill for Force Main Upgrade

The City of New Iberia, Louisiana is one of the oldest cities in the state. Established in 1779, the City is in the process of rehabilitating and replacing sections of its wastewater collection system. With over 120 miles of pipelines, the system services more than 33,000 City users and over 1,500 Parish users. Although certain sections have been upgraded using traditional dig-and-replace construction methods, other segments have required trenchless construction to mitigate social and economic impact to customers.

The recent Henry Street Interceptor Force Main project was located in a densely populated neighborhood in the Northeast section of the city. Domingue Szabo Engineering of Lafayette, Louisiana designed the new force main, specifying horizontal directional drill (HDD) installation. HDD was selected to minimize surface disruption, reduce installation time, and lower overall impact to residents versus traditional open-cut construction.

Bidding contractors had the choice of installing 6,705 feet of 10-inch Fusible PVC® pipe or upsized 12-inch HDPE pipe. MP Dumesnil of Sunset, Louisiana was awarded the project in late 2014 and selected Fusible PVC® pipe for ease of connection, material strength, reduced borehole sizing, and overall lower project cost.

Millard Dumesnil of MP Dumesnil commented: “We’ve used Fusible PVC® pipe in many water and wastewater applications throughout Louisiana and are pleased with the way it performed on this project. Fusible PVC® pipe gave us the confidence to make longer pulls where the project allowed. Lafayette Winwater Works’ fusion services were exceptional. We look forward using Fusible PVC® pipe on more projects.”

Bryan Lavergne, President of Lafayette Winwater Works, added: “Lafayette Winwater has been a distributor of Fusible PVC® pipe for over 11 years. Working with engineers, we have been able show municipalities and developers how to save considerable money on their construction projects by using fused PVC pipe in lieu of HDPE. On the Henry Street project, in particular, Fusible C-900® pipe was a perfect fit. The long bores required the higher pull force provided by fused PVC pipe. The tight working conditions and readily available standard fittings and accessories saved the contractor many days when changes in direction were required on the force main alignment.”

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Henry Street Interceptor
Location: New Iberia, Louisiana
Length: 6,705 LF
Pipe Size: 10” DR25 Fusible PVC® pipe
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD)
Owner: City of New Iberia
Engineers: Domingue & Szabo
Contractors: MP Dumesnil (GC, HDD Contractor)

Successful Pull-In

Pipe Staging and Layout

Bore Entry under Crossing Utility