Mosinee, WI Connects to Rib Mountain Sanitary District via Dual 10-inch Force Mains Using Fusible C-900® Pipe

After studying several options to upgrade its existing wastewater treatment plant, the City of Mosinee, Wisconsin concluded that its long-term wastewater treatment needs would be best served by connecting to the Rib Mountain Sanitary District. The City called upon the engineering services of AECOM to design the installation of a new, 10-inch dual sewer force main that would run along Business Highway 51, adjacent to a railroad. The route would extend from Mosinee, through the Village of Kronenwetter, and terminate in an existing Rib Mountain pumping station.

The pipeline route required crossings of several residential and industrial streets, many lacking sufficient options for traffic detours. It was clear that horizontal directional drilling (HDD) of these segments was the best option to maintain the alignment and reduce traffic disruption.

Specified HDD material choices for the project consisted of 10-inch DR18 Fusible C-900® pipe versus upsized 12-inch HDPE pipe. Kruczek Construction of Green Bay was awarded the project and chose Fusible PVC® pipe for its ability to withstand long pulls, ease of connection to open-cut PVC and air relief manholes, and overall cost. The original design included nearly 22,000 LF of HDD installation, but rocky conditions encountered in several segments would not allow drill penetration. The pipe was installed using single bores with dual pullback of the fused pipe. Ultimately, 11,600 LF of Fusible PVC® pipe was installed via HDD, with numerous pull segments. Construction began in early March 2012, and the pipe was installed and pressure tested in late October 2012.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Force Mains and Pumping Station Improvements
Location: Mosinee, WI
Length: 11,600 LF
Pipe Size: 10" DR18 Fusible C-900®
Pressure Test: 150 psi for 2 hours
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)
Owner: City of Mosinee, WI
Engineer: AECOM
Contractor: Kruczek Construction, Inc. / EJM Pipe Services (HDD)
UGSI Contact: Dan Christensen (715)206-0518

Enclosed Fusion Area

Pipe Fusion

Cold Weather Conditions

Pipe String Layout

Reamer with Swivel for Dual Pull

Pipe Insertion

Minimal Traffic Disruption

Mud Management

Pull Complete