Monroe County Water Authority Completes First Installation of Fusible C-900®

Monroe County Water Authority (MCWA), known for its progressive reinvestment programs and strong infrastructure, continues to evaluate potential cost savings by piloting alternative materials and installation techniques. When the potable water line along Hamlin Center Road needed to be expanded, MCWA quickly recognized that their standard materials and conventional construction techniques would not be an adequate solution. The Hamlin Center Road pipeline would be installed in corrosive soils in a low lying area close to the shores of Lake Ontario and would require multiple crossings of protected wetlands and finely manicured landscapes.

MCWA designed the Hamlin Center Road project to mitigate disturbance to the local community and sensitive wetlands by using Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and maximized the life expectancy of the line by using PVC, a non-corrosive plastic pipe material, instead of ductile iron.

The project, consisting of approximately 8,100 LF of 10" DR 14 (305 PSI) PVC pipe, utilized Fusible PVC® for 11 HDDs. The multiple HDD crossings ranged from 40 LF to 440 LF. Manufactured to standard AWWA C900-07 specifications, the 10" DR 14 Fusible C-900® pipe has the same outside diameter as ductile iron & PVC pipe (11.10") and the same internal diameter as the Bell & Spigot PVC (9.42"), allowing a single type of pipe product to be utilized for the entire length of the line with no change to outside diameter, inside diameter, or fittings. PVC's high Modulus of Elasticity (400,000 PSI) makes it a very strong material and allows for the use of standard ductile iron fittings for connections. This is a key advantage of Fusible PVC® over HDPE because it allows the MCWA operations group to stock standard equipment and use familiar maintenance techniques.

Fusible PVC®, which has been successfully installed in over 6,500 pull-ins, including world record HDDs of 6,400 LF and continuous sliplines of 7,000 LF, has become the clear choice for engineers, end users, and contractors.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Hamlin Center Road HDD
Location: Rochester, NY
Length: 1,920 LF of 10" & 40 LF of 8"
Pipe Size: 10" DR 14 & 8" DR 14 Fusible C-900®
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill
Owner: Monroe County Water Authority
Contractor: Randsco Pipeline
UGSI Contact: Matt Boeh (412) 418-3201

Fusion Setup Along Road Side

Pipe Layout Prevented Lane Closures

Horizontal Directional Drilling Preserved Community and Natural Landscape