Mon Valley Sewage Authority Utilizes Fusible PVC® Pipe to Complete Phase I of Twelve-Year Long-Term Improvement Project

As part of a 12-year, multi-phase sewer improvement effort, Mon Valley Sewage Authority (Authority) recently completed Phase I of the ambitious program to upgrade existing sewer mains, pump stations, and treatment facilities that serve the City of Monessen, the Borough of Donora, and part of Carroll Township, all located in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Gannett Fleming, Inc. completed the surveying, design, and permitting services associated with the Phase I facilities for the Authority's long-term control plan (LTCP) in the spring of 2011. Phase I construction consisted of two stream separations, interceptor sewer replacement and force main upgrades, five pump station upgrades, and a 3.0 million gallon equalization facility. The LTCP project is a three-phase plan to be executed over a period of 12 years. Phases II and III consist of sewer separation and nine satellite treatment facilities, four of which will provide innovative vortex treatment technology and high rate disinfection. The remaining five will utilize mechanical bar screens for solids and floatables removal.

One challenging aspect of the Phase I construction involved approximately one mile of 16" sewer force main that was installed by horizontal directional drilling (HDD) adjacent to a highway in downtown Monessen.

Jason McBride, the Project Manager for Gannett Fleming, stated, "For this project, trenchless Fusible PVC® pipe was the most technically feasible and cost-effective solution in minimizing surface restoration and providing the smallest diameter bore compared to competing technologies. Underground Solutions also supported the contractors well in the execution phase."

Construction of the project was led by Bob Greenland of Greenland Construction, Clearfield, PA. Greenland Construction has specialized in water and wastewater main, pump station, and treatment facility construction for more than 40 years. Greenland subcontracted the HDD work to APEX Directional Drilling, Portland, OR, which has worked on other projects using Fusible PVC® pipe.

The installation of the 5,200 LF of 16" Fusible PVC® pipe was accomplished with multiple drill shots approximately 15 feet under the edge of Donner Avenue through downtown Monessen, with minimal disruption to traffic and business in the area. Individual drill shots achieved by APEX were as long as 1,200 LF.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Donner Ave. Force Main
Location: City of Monessen, PA
Length: 5,200 LF
Pipe Size: 16" DR18 FPVC®
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drilling
Owner: Mon Valley Sewage Authority
Engineer: MGannett Fleming, Inc.
Contractor: Greenland Construction & APEX Directional Drilling

400 LF String Being Fused to 800 LF String

Pipe Fusion Away from Traffic

HDD Pull-In of 800 LF Pipe String

1,200 LF String of 16" Prior to Pull-In

Drill Stem Penetrates Donner Avenue

APEX Connects 24" Auger to 16" Pullhead