® Pipe for the Buckeye Water Line" />

Town of Minden, NV Installs 30" Fusible C-905® Pipe for the Buckeye Water Line

In September 2010, the City of Minden awarded the Buckeye Water Line pipe materials bid to Western Nevada Supply based on the use of Fusible C-905® pipe. Western Nevada Supply is the local distributor for Fusible PVC® pipe products, including the 30" Fusible C-905® pipe used for the Buckeye Water Line. The project is part of a larger, northern Nevada regional water infrastructure system that will connect the City of Minden, Douglas County, Indian Hills GID, and Carson City.

Once the overall system is complete in 2012, it will allow water to be moved from Douglas County, in the south, to Carson City and areas further north while providing consistent regional water quality. The project was designed by Resource Concepts of Carson City, which also serves as the city engineer for the Town of Minden. The Town allows PVC bell-and-spigot pipe with bell restrainers, Fusible PVC® pipe, and restrained ductile iron as approved pipeline materials. When comparing the material price difference between Fusible C-905® pipe and same-sized PVC bell-and-spigot with restrainers, Fusible C-905® pipe has provided savings that range between 15% and 35%.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Buckeye Transmission Line
Location: Minden, NV
Length: 1,400 LF
Pipe Size: 30" DR25
Pressure Test: 200 psi
Installation: Open Cut
Owner: Town of Minden
Engineer: Resource Concepts of Carson City, NV
Contractor: V&C General Contracting
UGSI Contact: Rob Craw (925) 577-7566 rcraw@undergroundsolutions.com

Tim Russell with Resource Concepts commented: "This is the second time Minden has installed Fusible PVC™ pipe - the last was a horizontal directional drill of 20" pipe in 2008. Since the introduction of Fusible PVC™ pipe, the local competitive bidding environment has been more aggressive for all the regional water providers. Fusible PVC® pipe has consistently been more cost effective than the conventional PVC belland- spigot pipe with bell restrainers. In addition, Fusible PVC® pipe lowers life cycle costs by eliminating potential long-term corrosion maintenance of the bell restrainers in the most dynamic, force-generating restrained locations of the transmission main. We are pleased to have it as an option for our projects."

Lowering 200' Vertical Offset of Restrained 30" Fusible C-905®

30" Fusible C-905® Pipe Installation

30" Fusible C-905® Restrained Pipe

30" Fusible C-905® Pipe Installed

30" MJ Tie-Ins

Lowering of 30" Fusible C-905® Pipe