< Hoosier Hills Regional Water District Adds Two Miles of New Fusible PVC<sup>®</sup> Pipe Water Mains in Southeastern Indiana

Hoosier Hills Regional Water District Adds Two Miles of New Fusible PVC® Pipe Water Mains in Southeastern Indiana

Since 1996, GRW Engineers, Inc. has worked with the Hoosier Hills Regional Water District (HHRWD) to provide water service to a portion of a three-county service area in southeastern Indiana. HHRWD’s system has grown to include over 300 miles of 4-inch through 20-inch distribution pipelines, six main pressure zones with four localized area pressure reducing stations, six water storage tanks, six pumping stations, and a groundwater treatment plant serving over 5,000 household customers

To continue keeping pace with growth, GRW Engineering was tasked with preparing the Division H Waterworks System Improvements Preliminary Engineering Report for HHRWD, as well as project plans and specifications.

The planned improvements included approximately 30 miles of new water main throughout the distribution system to bolster pressure and deliver more water to existing customers and two new communities, Holton Rural Water and the Town of Versailles. GRW performed a hydraulic model for the entire system. The system included five pressure zones covering approximately 400 square miles in three counties. The facilities construction was funded through the USDA Rural Development program.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: HHRWD Division H
Location: Milan, IN
Length: 12,840 LF
Pipe Size: 6”, 8”, 12” DR21 Fusible PVC®
Pressure Test: 150 psi
Installation: HDD / Jack & Bore
Owner: Hoosier Hills Regional Water District
UGSI Contact: GRW Engineers, Inc.
Contractor: Little Creek Construction

The low bidder for the H Division project, Little Creek Construction, selected Fusible PVC® pipe for the horizontal directional drill (HDD) and jack & bore sections. Over two miles of 6-inch, 8-inch, and 12-inch DR21 IPS Fusible PVC® pipe were utilized on the project.

Explaining the selection of pipe product for these applications, Steve Tolliver of Little Creek Construction said: “We had two difficult drills to execute on this project. One was a 1,500-foot drill that we first had to pull through several hundred feet of casing. The other was a 2,300-foot directional drill of 6-inch DR21 IPS water pipe. The length of the drills is why we selected Fusible PVC® pipe.”

Tolliver continued, “I honestly thought the Fusible PVC® pipe would slow me down during the winter, but I was thoroughly impressed by how quick and easy it was to work with. We didn’t slow down one bit.”

Little Creek Construction hired G&W Construction of Morehead, Kentucky to complete the two long drills. Darrell Alderman, of G&W, commented: “After installing 30,000 feet of Fusible PVC® pipe on a project in Catlettsburg, Kentucky, I knew the pipe could handle the long drills on this project. I wouldn’t have trusted these drills to anything other than Fusible PVC® pipe, especially the 2,300-foot drill of 6-inch.”

Casing Pull

Long HDD Laydown