Laguna Beach, CA Installs FPVC™ Pipe for Force Main Project in Median of Pacific Coast Highway

In September 2007, Underground Solutions, Inc. (UGSI) contracted with Bubalo Construction to provide UGSI's FPVC™ pipe and fusion services for the Nyes Place North Coast Interceptor Rehabilitation Project. The Interceptor is located in the median of the Pacific Coast Highway (Route 1) in a high traffic area. This portion of the project required sliplining a section of existing fiberglass pipeline, replacing a section of steel pipeline, and moving the pipeline from under the Nyes Place bridge to an alignment over the bridge. The bypassing and line work was performed during winter months to minimize traffic impact. The new line was placed back in service in March 2008.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
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Dudek Associates selected FPVC™ pipe over HDPE in order to maximize flow area due to the limited space available for crossing the bridge and sliplining the existing pipeline. Harry Riebe of Dudek commented: "Fusible PVC™ pipe is the perfect product to maximize flow capacities using an existing pipe as a carrier pipe. In addition, the use of UGSI's innovative Fusible Sweeps™ provided us with the flexibility to cross over Caltrans' bridge with minimum clearances".

David Shissler of Laguna Beach indicated: "The straight wall profile (no bells) of Fusible PVC™ pipe provides unique advantages over existing pipe materials for this and other applications, which will allow us to provide pipeline rehabilitation and replacement at reduced overall costs compared to previous options."

Fusible Sweeps

Fusing Fusible Sweeps™

Fusible Sweeps on Bridge

Fusible Sweeps™ Over Bridge

Sliplining FPVC<sup>®</sup> Pipe

Sliplining 20" FPVC™ Pipe

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