Naval Air Station Kingsville, Texas Uses Trenchless Technology and Fusible PVC® Pipe for Flight Line Water Line

Naval Air Station Kingsville, Texas is one of the U.S. Navy’s premier locations for jet aviation training. The base’s primary mission is to train student Naval Aviators for the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps. Built in 1942, NAS Kingsville has undergone several upgrades over the years. More recently the base began replacing its aging water and sewer infrastructure.

One section of the base that is particularly sensitive to construction activity is the area in and around the flight line, where traditional open-cut methods of pipe replacement would affect base operations and overall base readiness. General contractor, Cruz Tec, Inc., chose to install 10-inch and 12-inch water lines by horizontal directional drilling to minimize construction impact. Fusible PVC® pipe was selected in lieu of segmented, restrained-joint PVC pipe to reduce the possibility of future leaks beneath the flight line. Fusible PVC® pipe was also chosen for its ability to facilitate longer HDD pulls, which minimized the number of installation pits and reduced the number of construction days impacting flight line operations.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Water Line Replacement
Location: NAS Kingsville, TX
Length: 3,330 LF 12” DR 18, 2,520 LF 10” DR 18
Installation: HDD
Owner: NAS Kingsville, Texas
Contractor: Cruz Tec, Inc.

Andres Cruz, President of Cruz Tec, Inc., commented: “Our time frame for installation underneath the tarmac was critical since we couldn’t keep the flight line shut down for construction. By directional drilling using Fusible PVC® pipe we were able to meet our customer’s needs with minimum disruption.”

Fusible PVC® pipe has been installed at over 40 U.S. federal sites and military bases, encompassing all service branches.

Pipe String

10-inch Fusion

10-inch Fusion