Kansas City Water Services Department uses Fusible PVC® Pipe for Slipline under I-435

Kansas City Water Services Department (KCWSD) used Fusible PVC® pipe to slipline a re-purposed pipe under I-435 along highly traveled Front Street in Kansas City, Missouri. The existing line either needed to be moved or have the casing extended under MoDOT's highway interchange ramps. The ramps were lengthened as part of a new interchange design, causing them to overlap the existing water line beyond the point where the original casing ended.

KCWSD creatively decided to use the existing 20-inch PCCP water line as a casing and insert a new 16-inch pipe inside to function as the new water line. KCWSD concluded that a 1,000 LF section of 16-inch PVC pipe (approximate inner diameter of 15.35 inches) would have minimal impact on head loss, so it specified 16-inch Fusible PVC® pipe inside the existing 20-inch PCCP to complete the project. The installation utilized RACI casing spacers and the annular space was grouted to avoid Poisson effect. The line functions as a high pressure (160 psi) water line in the Northeast Industrial District in Kansas City, Missouri, and supplies KCP&L's Hawthorne Power Plant as well as KCWSD's Blue River Wastewater Treatment Plant. The project, which was completed and tested in the summer of 2011, represented the first installation of Fusible PVC® pipe in the Kansas City, Missouri water or sewer systems. Based on the success of that slipline project, KCWSD has utilized Fusible PVC® pipe on multiple subsequent projects.

Wiedenmann & Godfrey installed the project. CES, a UGSI-licensed fusion contractor, fused the pipe and assisted with pipe handling during installation.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Owner: Kansas City Water Services
Project: I-435 and Front Street
Pipe: 1,000 LF of 16" DR18 FPVC®
Installation: Slipline under I-435 ramps and interchange
Engineer: Kansas City Water Services
Fusion Contractor: CES - Belton, MO
General Contractor: Wiedenmann & Godfrey - Belton, MO

Todd Hawes, KCWSD Project Manager, selected Fusible PVC® pipe for several reasons: "We needed an outside the box solution for the project in order to save overall project costs and avoid funding issues, as well as save construction time to keep MoDOT on schedule." Sliplining with Fusible PVC® pipe became KCWSD's "outside the box" solution.

Fusible PVC® pipe insertion/pull-in under I-435 along Front Street

Setting tail of Fusible PVC® pipe to assist with insertion