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Kansas City, Missouri - 24" Round Grove Force Main Re-establishment Project

In order to maintain compliance with the consent decree that the City of Kansas City Missouri entered into with the U.S. EPA in May of 2010 the City was required to re-establish the Round Grove force main which was abandoned during previous Blue River channel improvements. Prior to re-establishing this force main, there was one existing force main exiting the Round Grove Pump Station. This improvement provided additional capacity during wet weather flows and provided an additional pipeline in case it was necessary to take one of the force mains out of service for general maintenance.

The project would tie-into the previously abandoned 24" PCCP redundant force main just outside of the Round Grove Pump Station on the north side of Cole Mine Road between the road and the Big Blue River. The alignment would follow the road alignment heading west 1,400 feet, with the pipe to be installed via open cut in the space between the road and the channel bank. The alignment would then turn (north) and cross under the Blue River being installed via HDD. Upon existing on the north side of the Blue River the force main would be downsized and installed under the railroad tracks in the previously abandoned PCCP force main for 1,000 feet. Upon exiting the slipline application it would be tied back into the 24" PCCP force main.

During the design process it was determined that each of the three installation methods could be accomplished with multiple materials. As a result, a material matrix was provided on the plans that allowed the following:

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Round Grove Force Main Re-establishment Project
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Pipe: 1,400 LF of 24" DR-25 Fusible C-905® PVC - Installed via Open Cut 700 LF of 24" DR-25 Fusible C-905® PVC - Installed via HDD 1,040 LF of 24" DR-25 Fusible C-905® PVC - Installed via Sliplining
General Contractor: Pyramid Excavation & Construction - Kansas City, Missouri
HDD Contractor: G&G Mechanical - Oak Grove, Missouri
Engineer and Owner: The City of Kansas City Missouri

On bid day, all bidding contractors utilized the Fusible PVC® material as the selected material for all sections of the force main. Based on the ease of installation, Fusible PVC® clearly provided the lowest installed cost for the project. As construction proceeded, Pyramid Construction was able to leverage benefits of the Fusible PVC® material. In fact Bob Yunger with Pyramid Construction stated, "The material performed extremely well. All three installation methods (Slipline, HDD, and Open Cut) went in without any problems. In fact, the Fusible PVC® allowed for an increase in production over traditional bell and spigot pipe in the open cut sections. We will definitely look at Fusible PVC® for future projects."