< Upgraded Water Infrastructure Helps to Ensure Enjoyment of Pennsylvania State Park for Future Generations

Hoosier Hills Regional Water District Adds Two Miles of New Fusible PVC® Pipe Water Mains in Southeastern Indiana

Located in central Pennsylvania and opened in 1971, Bald Eagle State Park is enjoyed by over 400,000 people each year. The park’s 5,900 acres and 1,730-acre manmade lake make it an ideal spot for recreation. The park has been served for decades by a single water main installed over 40 years ago. Recently, the water main began to incur breaks and other operational issues, indicating it was near the end of its useful life. Because the entire park, including the famous Nature Inn, receives potable water through the single water main, a reliable updated system was required for future operations.

Pennsylvania’s state park system falls under the responsibility of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR). Chartered with keeping Pennsylvania’s parks operating and open to the public, the DCNR’s Bureau of Facility Design and Construction began discussions about upgrading Bald Eagle State Park’s water main in 2012. Final approval and design for the project began in 2014.

Concerned with potential environmental impact and disruption to campground facilities, construction of the new water main was designed for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) installation. In addition, the existing main was required to stay in operation during construction to ensure the park would be continuously supplied with potable water.

Project engineers decided to use Fusible C-900® pipe for the new water main based on its high resistance to disinfectant-induced oxidation and its compatibility with industry standard ductile iron fittings. It was also important to the DCNR that the new water main provide a long-term solution and be designed to provide greater life expectancy than the water main it replaced. A 2005 study from the Water Research Foundation predicted that water utilities should expect more than 100 years of service from their PVC pipelines.1

In the winter of 2014, 5,470 feet of 8-inch and 6-inch DR18 Fusible C-900® pipe was installed by Harger Utility Contractors, Inc. via directional drilling. Harger, a local HDD contractor with over 25 years of trenchless experience, invested in getting its organization trained to fuse the Fusible PVC® pipe for the Bald Eagle State Park project, as well as other future project opportunities. Harger was required to use the same right-of-way while maintaining an offset of roughly eight feet from the existing water main.

Dave Harger commented, “The key benefit to using Fusible C-900® pipe on this project was its use of standard ductile iron fittings and connection hardware. PVC’s high stiffness allows us to directly use mechanical connection hardware, while other thermoplastic pipe requires a more expensive and elaborate joining system for making connections.”

1. "Long-Term Performance Prediction for PVC Pipes," AWWA Research Foundation Report #2879 (2005).

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Bald Eagle State Park Water Main Replacement Project
Location: Howard, PA
Pipe Size & Length: 4,635 LF of 8” DR18 Fusible C-900® 835 LF of 6” DR18 Fusible C-900®
Pressure Test: 150 psi
Installation: HDD / Jack & Bore
Owner: PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Contractor: Harger Utility Contractors, Inc.

Pipe Fusion Performed by Harger

Pipe Layout

Pipe Insertion Crossing Under Prior HDD Shot

Single Pit Used to Connect HDD Sections