North Harris County Regional Water Authority Uses Fusible PVC® Pipe for Long-Distance Residential Horizontal Directional Drill

In 2010, North Harris County Regional Water Authority in Houston, TX started the process of evaluating options to replace an aging, undersized water main located beneath a street in a dense, residential neighborhood in North Harris County. Traditional open-cut and horizontal directional drilling (HDD) were the two methods seriously considered with respect to overall cost and impact to the residents in and around the surrounding neighborhood. Since most of the water main would be installed beneath the roadway, surface restoration was important in the overall comparison.

In the end, the design engineer, Jacobs Engineering in Houston, TX, specified HDD along with material choices consisting of 12" Fusible C-900® pipe, 12" Certa-Lok™ C900/RJ™ (mechanically-joined) pipe, or upsized 16" HDPE pipe. Ultimately, Kingsley Constructors, Inc. of The Woodlands, TX was awarded the project and chose Fusible PVC® pipe for its ability to withstand long pulls, ease of connection, and overall cost. Over 3,600 LF of Fusible PVC® pipe was installed via HDD: three single pulls of 1,800 LF, 1,200 LF, and 600 LF. Construction began in early December 2011, and the pipe was installed and pressure tested in late January 2012.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Owner: North Harris County Regional Water Authority, Houston, TX
Project: 12" Water Line Connection
Location: Houston, TX
Pipe: 3,600 LF of 12" Fusible C-900®
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill
Contrators: Kingsley Constructors, Inc.; Lovelady Drilling

Showri Nandagiri, P.E., Engineering Coordinator, North Harris County Regional Water Authority, commented, "The North Harris County Regional Water Authority in Houston, TX has always been on the lookout to create a fair competition in pipe selection so that they can get the best bang for the buck. When the Authority was involved in the design of a 12-inch pipe to be constructed in a busy residential street, use of Fusible PVC® pipe by directional drilling was recommended by the Design Engineer. Before the Authority decided to include Fusible PVC® pipe as an acceptable material, there was considerable discussion because it was the first time ever that this material was being allowed by the Authority. Thanks to Underground Solutions, Inc., Fusible PVC® pipe was selected by the contractor and was successfully installed. We are happy that the project provided a new material to compete with other approved pipe line products."

Jon Kingsley, Jr., Kingsley Constructors, added: "This was our first time using Fusible PVC® pipe and I was impressed with how well it stood up to the difficult conditions. Underground Solutions was very supportive throughout the project, and we look forward to using Fusible PVC® pipe on future projects."

1,200 LF Single Pull

1,800 LF Single Pull

600 LF Single Pull