Houma, LA Uses Fusible PVC® Pipe and Horizontal Directional Drilling to Extend Force Main

Phylway Construction Inc. had a decision to make after winning a bid to install a major sewer forcemain near Elysian and Chabert Medical Center in Houma, LA. Given the option by the project engineer, Providence/GSE Associates, LLC, Phylway chose between 12-inch and 16-inch DR11 HDPE or downsized 10-inch and 14-inch DR25 Fusible PVC® pipe for the horizontal directional drill sections. Fusible PVC® pipe was the option of choice, due to its comparative cost saving, smaller outer diameter, and tensile strength capable of withstanding the project's longest pull of over 2,000 LF. Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government also realized the advantages of utilizing standard ductile iron fittings for easy reconnection to bell-and-spigot PVC-eliminating the need for expensive, specialized fittings and transition pieces typically required when connecting to an HDPE pipeline.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Elysian and Chabert Medical Center Redirection of Flows
Location: Kissimmee, FL
Pipe Size: 1,400 LF 10-inch DR25 Fusible PVC® 1,080 LF 14-inch DR25 Fusible PVC® 3,400 LF 14-inch DR21 Fusible PVC®
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill
Owner: Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government
Engineer: Providence/GSE Associates, LLC, Houma, LA.
Contractor:: Phylway Construction Inc., Thibodaux, LA.
UGSI Contact: Marty Scanlan (225) 335-2349 mscanlan@undergroundsolutions.com

Providence/GSE Associates design engineer Douglas Snead said, "This is not the first project on which we have used Fusible PVC® pipe in Terrebonne Parish. We did have one horizontal directional drill section that was a challenge, but with the safe pulling force of 79,000 lbs, it was not a challenge for Fusible PVC® pipe. We definitely will continue to specify Fusible PVC® pipe in future projects."

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