Hillsborough County Adds to Fusible PVC® Pipe Installation Base with 2,100 LF HDD Crossing of Wetlands using 30-inch FPVC® Pipe

As part of a multi-year investment to expand wastewater collection and treatment capacity in southern Hillsborough County, Hillsborough County Public Utilities Department (HCPUD) determined that a new 30-inch force main was required along US 301 from SR 674 to Valencia Lakes. The northern end of the line crossed environmentally sensitive wetlands that precluded traditional open-cut installation of 30-inch bell-and-spigot PVC and ductile iron pipe that was planned for the rest of the alignment. Based on prior extensive use of Fusible PVC® pipe for trenchless potable, wastewater, and reclaim applications, including 30-inch FPVC® carrier pipe within 36-inch "jack and bore" casings downstream, Pedro L. Rivera, P.E., HCPUD Project Designer/Manager, approached Underground Solutions (UGSI) about installing Fusible PVC® pipe via HDD to cross the wetlands. After a joint site review in early 2011, HCPUD proceeded to complete design and permitting for a 2,100 LF HDD crossing with 30-inch DR25 FPVC® pipe. The project bid in early 2012, with FPVC® pipe specified for the HDD section. E.T. MacKenzie of Florida, Inc. won the project and chose Environmental Crossings, Inc. to perform the HDD installation, which was completed in late 2012.

"This was the largest HDD to date for the County. As usual, UGSI provided outstanding support throughout the entire process," stated Pedro Rivera. K.C. Coulthart, E.T. MacKenzie Senior Estimator, echoed Pedro's comments, "We had experience with Fusible PVC® pipe on other projects, but this was a much longer HDD than any we had been associated with previously. UGSI's guidance during the bid phase was very helpful and they delivered great field support throughout the construction phase." Bruce Brasher, Environmental Crossings' President, agreed: "This was our second maxi-drill with 30-inch Fusible PVC® pipe. We have the utmost confidence in Fusible PVC® pipe and UGSI for long bores. Based on our 20-years of HDD experience worldwide, the smaller borehole and lower pull force requirement compared to HDPE pipe are major advantages for this type of bore."

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project/Location: U.S. 301 from SR 674 to Valencia Lakes, Sun City, FL
Pipe Size/HDD Length: 30-inch DR25 FPVC® / 2,100 LF
Owner/Engineer: Hillsborough County Public Utilities Department
Utility Contractor: E.T. MacKenzie of Florida, Inc. / Bradenton, FL
HDD Contractor: Environmental Crossings, Inc. / Conroe, TX

Fusion Setup for 2,100 LF to the South

Drill Rig Set-up on North End

FPVC® Pipe Pull-In Point & Drill Mud Recycler Setup on South End