Hernando County Appreciates Overall Cost Performance Advantages of Fusible PVC® Pipe as It Evaluates New Option for Water Service Lines

Hernando County Utilities has employed Fusible PVC® pipe technology on over a dozen water and wastewater pipeline projects between 2008 and 2012. Pipe sizes have ranged from 4-inch to 18-inch for horizontal directional drill (HDD) requirements, ranging from less than 100 LF to over 1,500 LF. Trenchless installation elements have been commonly employed along various portions of new pipeline alignments to simplify and reduce installation costs when crossing roads, driveways, drainage structures, ditches, golf courses, creeks, wetlands, and improved areas where open-cut restoration costs can be prohibitive. According to Mark Morgan, Hernando County Utilities Senior Engineer, "Across many projects, Fusible PVC® pipe has proven to be more cost effective than HDPE, while providing PVC maintenance ease for HDD sectors and eliminating the potential disinfectant attack issues we've experienced with HDPE service lines."

Given its success with Fusible PVC® pipe, the County is now evaluating FlowGuard® Bendable service line pipe from UGSI as an alternative to HDPE for water service lines. Reduced pipe life due to disinfectant attack is not a factor with FlowGuard® Bendable's CPVC composite pipe material.

Selected Projects With Fusible PVC®: Name, Contractor, Scope Summary
Alderwood Force Main Gigliotti Contracting North, 10" - 320 LF, 2 HDDs
Airport Water Main Interconnect Ciraco Underground, 12" - 360 LF, 2 HDDs
Spring Hill Dr/US41 WM HB Industries, 12" & 16" - 7,300 LF, 11 HDDs
Brookridge Force Main Hamlet Construction, 10" - 4,200 LF, 7 HDDs
Weeki Wachee Force Main Deeb Construction, 4", 6", 8", & 10" - 3,200 LF, 11 HDDs
Sunshine Grove Rd Imp. Goodwin Brothers Const. 10" & 16" - 2,900 LF, 6 HDDs
US19/SR50 PS & FM Felix & Associates, 18" - 3,600 LF, 6 HDDs
Northcliffe Force Main Andrew Sitework, 16" - 6,700 LF, 8 HDDs & 1 J&B
Dogwood Estates WM Pave-Rite, 8" & 12" - 2,600 LF, 5 HDDs
US19S WM/FM Extensions Pepper Contracting Services, 8", 12", 16"- 4300 LF, 24 HDDs.

16" FPVC® pipe ready for HDD install

Fusion by UGSI along SR19 & Sunshine Grove Road

FlowGuard® Bendable service line installation