City of Greenwood, Mississippi Replaces Aging Force Main with Fusible PVC® Pipe Using Horizontal Directional Drilling

The City of Greenwood is a community of approximately 18,000 people located at the eastern edge of the Mississippi Delta, about 96 miles north of Jackson, Mississippi. Greenwood is also the home of Viking Range Corporation, a privately held company that leads in the manufacturing and marketing of professional kitchen appliances for the home.

Several pipe materials, including HDPE and Fusible PVC® pipe, were evaluated for a directional drill beneath the Yazoo River for a 24-inch pipeline project. In order to meet the required internal diameter and pressure class, HDPE pipe was specified at a 30-inch IPS size, while Fusible PVC® pipe was specified at a 24-inch DIPS size. Even with the smaller OD, the Fusible PVC® pipe still provided a larger ID than the HDPE alternative. Hemphill Construction of Florence, MS selected Fusible PVC® pipe for its lower overall installed construction cost. By utilizing Fusible PVC® pipe, Hemphill Construction also obtained the advantages of utilizing standard ductile iron fittings for easy reconnection to bell-and-spigot pipe -- eliminating the need for expensive specialized fittings and transition pieces typically required when connecting to HDPE pipe.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: 24" Force Main Replacement
Location: Greenwood, MS
Length: 1,000 LF
Pipe Size: 24" DR25
Pressure Test: 100 PSI
Installation: Horizontal Directional Drill
Owner: City of Greenwood, MS
Engineer: The Johnson-McAdams Firm, Greenwood, MS
Contractor: Hemphill Construction, Florence, MS
Driller: Gator Boring, Pensacola, FL

Eric Lyons of Gator Boring commented: "Fusible PVC® pipe was the perfect pipe for this application. Going with 24-inch Fusible PVC® pipe rather than the 30" HDPE reduced the drilling cost, as well as helping us complete the project two weeks ahead of schedule."

Although this is the first project in Greenwood, it is one of many Fusible PVC® pipe projects installed in Mississippi in the past few years.

Fusible PVC® pipe fusion

Fusible PVC® pipe connected to pull-head

Fusible PVC® pipe being placed on rollers

Receiving pit and drill rig

As-Built Bore - Plan and Profile provided by Gator Boring