® Pipe for New Reclaim Line in Gilroy, CA" />

South County Regional Wastewater Authority Installs 12,000 LF of 20" Fusible PVC® Pipe for New Reclaim Line in Gilroy, CA

In July 2010, South County Regional Wastewater Authority advertised for bid the construction of a new 12,000 LF 20" ID reclaim pipeline. The two mile pipeline was designed to convey wastewater plant effluent to an outfall draining into the Pajaro River. Through an addendum to the bid documents issued by the project engineer, Montgomery Watson, the use of 20" FPVC® pipe as an alternate to HDPE was approved.

Because FPVC® pipe has a significantly higher Hydrostatic Design Basis than HDPE, Montgomery Watson was able to offer a smaller OD pipe option using FPVC® pipe while still maintaining the nominal 20" ID required to meet hydraulic requirements. This valuecreating design option utilized 20" DIPS FPVC® pipe versus HDPE pipe that had to be upsized to 24" DIPS in order to account for the additional wall thickness required to meet the design pressures of the nominal 20" ID pipe.

Of 11 bidders, the first 10 low bidders selected FPVC® pipe. By selecting FPVC® pipe, the bidding contractors obtained a smaller pipe which utilizes standard MJ fittings and connection hardware. Indeed, the HDPE alternative weighed twice as much as the FPVC® pipe and would have required specialized non-standard connection appurtenances. The difference between the low bid using FPVC® pipe and the only bid using HDPE pipe was approximately $1,000,000; validation of the cost savings achievable utilizing Fusible PVC® pipe.

Ben Herston, the design engineer from MWH, said "The project worked out well for us - we look forward to using Fusible PVC® again in the future."

Tom Seidel, Specialty Construction Project Manager, stated, "The use of Fusible PVC&trade pipe on the South Pipeline project was a perfect fit. UGSI proved to be an asset in working together to safely and effectively stage and install the new pipeline. UGSI field personnel paid close attention to providing high quality fusion services, going so far as to remove and replace a fused joint at the slightest sign of an imperfection. The quality of the product and services provided, and the ability to utilize both fusion technology and conventional mechanical fittings contributed to an overall successful project for both Specialty Construction and the South County Regional Wastewater Authority."