Case Study:City of Fridley, MN

The City of Fridley, MN Continues to Expand Its Use of Trenchless Installation Methods using Fusible PVC® Pipe

The City of Fridley, Minnesota has become very familiar with trenchless technologies over the last several years, utilizing various methods for their pipeline replacement and rehabilitation projects. Often designing and managing their projects "In-house," the City has seen first-hand the benefits of trenchless construction. The less invasive installation methods are able to provide a more efficient means of installing pipe when used in the right applications.

Layne Otteson, engineer and project manager for the City, understands the importance of selecting the right installation methods and materials. To formalize the selection process, he has developed a methods and materials matrix to help evaluate each project to decide what tools work best for each application. Otteson believes that providing contractors a range of options helps to enhance competitiveness and reduce cost.

The compatibility of Fusible PVC® pipe with trenchless installations and ease of maintenance for utility owners has resulted in the pipe being used for multiple water main improvement projects in Fridley. Most recently, Red Pederson Utilities replaced 1,200 LF of existing 6-inch water main along Matterhorn Drive with Fusible PVC® pipe using pipe bursting. Though this pipeline replacement was part of a larger project, bidding contractors were given the option to provide bids for 1) horizontal directionally drilling (HDD) a new 6-inch water main, 2) pipe bursting the existing 6-inch cast iron water main, or 3) lining the existing 6-inch water main.

The bid format allowed contractors to bid the job based on the installation method they thought would be optimal for the project. The water main pipe bursting went smoothly and quickly, which allowed for timely reinstatement of permanent water services to the 15 customers served by the water main. Overall, the ability to pair trenchless methods and materials with the right applications has led to successful projects such as this one.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: 2013 Watermain Rehabilitation Project No. 427
Location: Fridley, MN
Length: 1,200 LF
Pipe Size: 6" DR18 Fusible C-900®
Installation: Pipe Burst
Owner/Engineer: City of Fridley, MN
Trenchless Contractor: Red Pederson Utilities, Inc.
General Contractor: Penn Contracting, Inc.
UGSI Contact: Dan Christensen (715) 206-0518

Pipe Layout During Fusion

Moving Pipe Into Place for Bursting

Pipe Staged for Insertion

Pipe Pulled Into Insertion Pit

Positioning Pipe for Connection to Bursting Rods

New 6" Pipe is Pulled Through Existing 6" Cast Iron