< Aqua Indiana Selects 18-inch Fusible PVC<sup>®</sup> Pipe for Trenchless Sections of Fort Wayne Force Main Project

Aqua Indiana Selects 18-inch Fusible PVC® Pipe for Trenchless Sections of Fort Wayne Force Main Project

Aqua Indiana serves nearly 37,000 customers in 11 counties throughout the Hoosier State. Aqua currently provides water and wastewater utility service in Allen, Clark, Floyd, Hancock, Hendricks, Huntington, Lake, Montgomery, Morgan, Porter, and Whitley counties. The Fort Wayne region utilities are comprised of water and wastewater systems with three water plants and two wastewater treatment plants serving Aboite, Lafayette, Lake, Pleasant, and Wayne townships in Allen County, Jefferson Township in Whitley County, and Jackson Township in Huntington County.

Aqua recently invested $4.3 million to install several miles of 18-inch DR 21 C905 PVC wastewater force main to relieve congestion during heavy rainstorms. The expansion project, called Aboite Diversion Force Main, diverts a portion of wastewater from Sycamore Hills-area neighborhoods and conveys it directly to Aqua’s Midwest wastewater treatment plant off Engle Road.

The design engineers for the Aboite Diversion Force Main project were Diana Toth and Casey Irwin of DLZ Engineering. There were six directional drills (HDD) and one jack & bore section designed on the project, all ranging from 200 LF to 300 LF in length. The jack & bore segment on the project passed under Interstate 69 and was about 300 LF long. DLZ required a minimum ID of 17.5 inches and a pressure rating of 200 psi for the HDD and Jack & bore sections of the project. Specifications for the trenchless sections allowed for 18-inch DR21 Fusible PVC® pipe or 24-inch DR9 HDPE pipe to maintain equivalent ID and pressure rating.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Aboite Diversion Force Main
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Length: 1,600 LF
Pipe Size: 18” DR21 Fusible C-905®
Installation: HDD, Jack & Bore
Owner: Aqua IN, Fort Wayne
Engineer: DLZ Engineering
Contractor: Dunigan Brothers
Drill Contractor: S&S Directional Boring

Trisha Williams of Aqua Indiana commented: “We’re pleased that the pipe choice turned out to be Fusible PVC® pipe. It worked out well and we were able to maintain pipe material continuity throughout the entire project.” Dunigan Brothers Construction was awarded the contract for the project. Charlie Dunigan reported that “choosing Fusible PVC® pipe for the drills on this job was an easy decision. Smaller hole to drill, lighter pipe, and easy tie-ins gave Fusible PVC® pipe the clear advantage.” Tod Schlachter of S&S Directional Boring added, “Drilling in the Fusible PVC® pipe on this project was a breeze.”

Cold Weather Fusion

18-inch HDD Section

Fusion and Staging

HDD Exit Pit

HDD Entry Pit

18-inch Pull-in