< City of Elyria, Ohio Rehabilitates 30-inch Water Main under Pikewood Manor Community by Sliplining with Fusible PVC<sup>®</sup> Pipe

City of Elyria, Ohio Rehabilitates 30-inch Water Main under Pikewood Manor Community by Sliplining with Fusible PVC® Pipe

The City of Elyria, Ohio is believed to be the first inland city in the United States to pump treated water from the Great Lakes. In the late 1800’s, Elyria decided to build a water treatment plant on the shores of Lake Erie to replace its original intake location on the Black River. Today, Elyria owns and operates a Class IV surface water treatment plant utilizing modern water treatment practices and a state of the art computer system to monitor its plant operations and distribution system.

Within Elyria’s system, a 30-inch spiral wound steel water transmission main, one of several responsible for supplying potable water into the City’s water distribution system passes under paved streets and a manufactured home community named Pikewood Manor. The existing 30-inch main is a 7/16 inches thick, spiral welded steel pipe originally manufactured by Rolling Mills Company in 1937 in Middletown, Ohio. At the time of installation in the late 1930’s, the area of the alignment had a small waterway and drainage ditch running through it, as well as the Lake Shore Electric Railroad which provided transit service between Elyria and Lorain. Today, the 30-inch steel water main lies beneath the Pikewood Manor community and continues to be a primary transmission main for the Elyria Water Treatment Plant. In recent years the main has experienced pin-hole leaks and failures at the pipe joints. Servicing and accessing the main has been very difficult since it is now underneath a 400-unit modular home community.

Tim Antos of Burgess & Niple worked directly with the City’s Engineering Department to select the optimal trenchless method to renew the failing main. Antos explained: “Sliplining with HDPE pipe was evaluated, along with cured-in-place rehabilitation options. In the end, considering carrying capacity, strength ratings, use of standard fittings, thermal expansion/contraction, and the City’s comfort-level with PVC pipe, sliplining with 24-inch Fusible C-905® pipe was selected as the best rehabilitation solution.”

Execution of the project required an initial assessment of the host pipe. This was accomplished with video inspection and a “test-pull” using a 40-foot proof stick of 24-inch Fusible C-905® pipe to confirm that pull-in could be accomplished without encountering obstructions or offsets. Pipe fusion and insertion into the host pipe were completed within a week. Speer Brothers of Sandusky, Ohio utilized a 60,000 pound drill rig to pull the 2,000-foot, fused pipe string through the old transmission main. Drilling fluid was injected through the drill rods during pull-in to lubricate the host pipe. Once in place and tested, the annular space between the new 24-inch Fusible C-905® carrier pipe and the host pipe was filled with grout.

Just outside the developed areas of the of the project site, installation transitioned to conventional open-cut construction using bell-and-spigot PVC pipe. The open-cut and slipline sections were connected using standard mechanical joint fittings.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Pikewood 30-inch Water Main Rehabilitation
Location: Elyria, OH
Length: 2,100 LF
Pipe Size: 24-inch DR21 Fusible PVC® pipe
Installation: Slipline
Owner: City of Elyria
Engineer: Burgess & Niple
Contractor: Speer Brothers

Aerial view of existing transmission main alignment under Pikewood Manor (above); slipline proof piece (below right)