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City of Delano, California Installs 12,827 LF of 24" Fusible PVC® Pipe for New Reclaimed Water Line

When the City of Delano needed design expertise for their new reclaimed water line, they turned to Cannon Associates, a local engineering firm with strong roots throughout Central California. Cannon designed the line to be bid with either 30" HDPE pipe or downsized 24" DR25 Fusible PVC® pipe. Open cut projects can often be more cost efficient using fused pipelines because costly, large-diameter bell restraints can be eliminated due to the restrained nature of fused PVC joints.

Ultimately, the Fusible PVC® pipe option was bid by all responsive bidders as it provided the best economics. Fusible PVC® pipe provided the contractors an overall reduction in construction costs due to reduced outer diameter versus HDPE (smaller trench) and the ability to make connections using standard ductile iron mechanical joint fittings. The fact that Fusible PVC® pipe is compatible with MJ fittings eliminated more than $200,000 in specialized reducers, backing rings, and accessory kits that would have been required to transition from HDPE to conventional MJ valves and fittings.

The City of Delano broke ground on the new 24" reclaim line in July 2010. Pull-ins of 1,000 to 2,000 LF were standard during the open-cut construction phase. The line was successfully completed and pressure tested in April of 2011.

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: City of Delano Effluent Pipeline
Location: Delano, CA
Length: 12,827 LF
Pipe: 24" DR25 FPVC®
Pressure Test: 100 psi for 4 hours
Owner City of Delano
Engineer: Cannon Associates

Fusion of 24" DR25 FPVC® Pipe

Laying Fused Pipe in Trench

1,000 LF Average Lengths Pulled Into Trench