< Dearborn Heights, Michigan Minimizes Cost and Disruption while Replacing Aged Cast Iron Water Mains along Congested Streets

Dearborn Heights, Michigan Minimizes Cost and Disruption while Replacing Aged Cast Iron Water Mains along Congested Streets

There are thousands of miles of deteriorating cast iron water mains running through the Detroit Metro area and surrounding regions of southeastern Michigan. Located west of Detroit and Dearborn is the City of Dearborn Heights, where the Department of Public Works supports approximately 215 miles of water mains. By pipe material, these water mains are approximately 75% cast iron, 12% PVC, 6% ductile iron, and 4% concrete, with the remaining 3% comprised of various other pipe materials.

Sean Moylan and his team at the Dearborn Heights Public Works Water Department have begun a proactive approach to replace some of the most problematic segments of the distribution system. Moylan commented: “Working with our consulting engineer at Wade Trim, our focus is on replacing major arteries consisting mostly of 12-inch and some 8-inch cast iron pipe with Fusible C-900® pipe by pipe bursting and horizontal directional drilling. Our Phase 1 project was completed most recently by D & D Water and Sewer, Inc. Their quality workmanship along with the gasketless, fused PVC pipe system made for a very successful project. We have additional work planned in the near future using this same approach. It works very well and drastically decreases the impact to our residents. We also self-perform some of the replacement work by conventional open-cut construction on side streets. Overall it’s been a great combination of quality-focused construction using the latest technologies, means and methods.”

Pipeline Details and Project Summary
Project: Dearborn Heights Water Main Improvements
Length: 8,205 LF
Pipe Size: 8-inch and 12-inch
Installation: Pipe Bursting and HDD
Owner: City of Dearborn Heights, MI
Engineer: Wade Trim
Contractor: D&D Water and Sewer, Inc.

D & D Water and Sewer renewed approximately 1,500 LF of water mains per week using 100% trenchless methods. Approximately 5,200 LF of 12-inch cast iron mains were replaced via pre-chlorinated, static- pull pipe bursting using a Hammerhead HD-100A pipe burst machine. Another 3,000 LF of 8-inch water mains were replaced via HDD using a Vermeer 24 x 40 drill rig. Mark DiMichele, President of D & D Water and Sewer, stated: “With some of the limited laydown areas and tight work easements that we had to work in, I had some initial concerns regarding the ability of the Fusible C-900® pipe to negotiate certain bends. As we continued through the construction of the project we realized the pipe performed very well within the site demands.”